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Must know dates for eCommerce in 2020

2020 is on the doors and as an entrepreneur, you need to have an idea of all the important days for your business before you set up your marketing strategies and prepare your campaigns. No worries though, we already thought of this and created this downloadable e-commerce calendar for you to keep track of all the important dates.

1st Quarter:


1 Jan – New Year’s Day: A new year is also a new start. Think of a promotional campaign that would encourage your customers to achieve goals they newly set up.

11 Jan – International Thank You Day

20 Jan – Martin Luther King Jr Day (US)

21 Jan – National Hugging Day (US)

25 Jan – Tê’t (Vietnamese New Year): You don’t need to live in Vietnam to target Vietnamese by planning discount campaigns in celebration of their new year.

25-27 Jan – Lunar New Year: China celebrates a new Chinese Zodiac each lunar new year. This year is the year of the Rat, so try to be creative when preparing your promotional or discounts campaigns to attract Chinese people all around the world.


2 Feb – Super Bowl Sunday: Many families and friends gather on this day to watch the game together, even those who don’t really care about it. According to statistics, it is the biggest snack day after New Year’s Eve.

9 Feb – National Pizza Day

14 Feb – Valentine’s Day: Couples overspend on this day. It is an occasion for you to plan an advertising campaign that suggests great ideas of gifts.


6 Mar – National Dress Day

8 Mar- International Women’s Day: Think of social actions that are related to Women’s cause for example and allocate a percentage of your gains to finance them. Do not forget to communicate about it!

You also can share some women’s success stories on your social media.

9 Mar – Holi: Though originally celebrated only in India and Nepal. It has spread now to other Asian countries and western world.

14 Mar – White Day: Suggest ideas of customizable presents for your customers that would look to offer their partners gifts. Nothing feels like receiving a gift that was created specifically for you.

17 Mar – St. Patrick’s Day: Most people celebrating this day, and that are of millions, need outfits for the occasion. Take advantage of it!

18 Mar – World Recycling Day: Think of ideas you can implement to encourage your customers to recycle their orders packages for example.

20 Mar – International Day of Happiness: Launch a campaign that shows how with your products you spread happiness.

2nd Quarter:

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1 Apr – April’s Fools

10 Apr – Good Friday

10 Apr – Siblings Day 

Easter Weekend: 10 – Good Friday, 12 – Easter, 13 – Easter Monday: Shops usually offer more discounts during this weekend than they do during the Black Friday. So, think of a special weekend offer.

18 Apr – Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day

21 Apr – National Tea Day

22 Apr – Earth Day


1 May – Labour day

4 May – Star Wars Day

6 May – International No Diet Day

10 May – Mother’s Day: This is another important occasion gifts are offered to women. Once again, think of creative ideas of presents and suggest them as products to sell!

23 – 24 May – Hari Raya Puasa

25 May – Memorial Day (US)


4 Jun – National Cheese day

5 Jun – World Environment Day

8 Jun – World Oceans Day

20 Jun – World Refugee Day

21 Jun – Father’s Day: Don’t miss this date as billions of dollars are spent on gifts for fathers and husbands by their daughters or wives.

21 Jun – International Yoga Day: You don’t need to be a Yoga-related products seller to be interested with this date. In fact, you can think of suggesting to this segment of customers wellness and self-love products such as candles, organic items, etc.

3d Quarter:


1 Jul – Canada Day

4 Jul – Independence Day: Consider selling patriotic items, offer discounts on them and send emails to your customers informing them of the upcoming discounts in celebration of the occasion.

11 Jul – 7 Eleven Day

13 Jul – International French Fry Day 

13 Jul – Amazon Prime Day; If you have a store on Amazon, think of taking advantage of its biggest day of the year by offering deals that would motivate clients to buy more.

30 Jul- Hari Raya Haji: It is a day of feastings and celebrations for the muslim community as it marks the end of “Hajj”, the pilgrimage to Mecca in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Consider suggesting ideas of gifts and offering discounts on them.

30 Jul – International Friendship Day: Personalized gifts and items about friendship are a superb idea for this occasion.
30 Jul – National Intern Day 


9 Aug – Singapore’s National Day

10 Aug – National Lazy Day

12 Aug – International Youth Day 

13 Aug – International Left-handers Day

19 Aug – World Humanitarian Day

21 Aug – World Senior Citizens Day: Consider offering items that might interest this category of citizens and offer discounts on them. 


10 Sep – World Suicide Prevention Day 

13 Sep – RUOK? Day: R U OK? is an Australian non-profit organization that combats suicide. This date is a great occasion for you to encourage your customers to have conversation with their friends and relatives and check in with them.

13 Sep – International Chocolate Day

19 Sep – Oktoberfest

21 Sep – International Day of Peace

27 Sep – World Tourism Day

28 Sep – Ask a Stupid Question Day: This is a great occasion for you to know what customers are expecting from you to launch an “Ask Me a Question” campaign on your social media.

29 Sep – World Coffee Day: If you don’t sell coffee, mugs or any product that might interest coffee lovers, think of offering an item as a gift for each purchase for example.

4th Quarter:

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2 Oct – International Day of Non-Violence

10 Oct – World Mental Health Day

12 Oct – Thanksgiving (CANADA): Consider sharing with your customers ideas on how to celebrate Thanksgiving this year through your social media, a blog post for instance.

16 Oct – National Boss Day: Give your customers suggestions on what kind of gifts they can offer their boss at work.


29 Oct – National Cat Day: if you’re a pet products seller, this date is for you… Plan a sales campaign on Cat products.

31 Oct – Halloween: Another great occasion for you to boost your sales. Customers are mostly interested in items that would help them to disguise. So, consider suggesting costume and make-up ideas.


1 Nov – World Vegan Day

11 Nov – Singles’ Day: This date has become a shopping season celebrated all over the world. You can start your Singles’ Day campaign since the beginning of October and try to offer a large choice of exclusive items with interesting discounts.

13 Nov – World Kindness Day

14 Nov – Diwali: This is the biggest and most important holiday in India and Indians all around the world will be purchasing jewelry, snacks, lights… Don’t miss your part of the cake!

26 Nov – Thanksgiving (USA): Again, suggest to customers ideas on how they can give thanks this year! Do not forget to offer exclusive discounts to encourage them to purchase.

27 Nov – Black Friday: A date not to miss as it is the best time for online stores to sell… In fact, customers shop a lot as Black Friday means crazy discounts. 

30 Nov – Cyber Monday: It is an extension of Black Friday. You can offer free shipping and delivery besides discounts to increase sales.


1 Dec – World Aids Day

10 Dec – Human Rights Day 

Christmas: 24 Dec – Christmas Eve, 25 Dec – Christmas Day: The biggest and most important holiday of the year. Do not wait until it is too late to start planning your campaign. Make sure items you sell are adequate and discounts you offer are attractive.

26 Dec – Boxing Day: Shopping season is prolonged, and discounts might go up to 90%. This is an opportunity for you to liquidate unsold items through attractive promotions.

31 Dec – New Year’s Eve: This date doesn’t only mark the end of a year, but also the beginning of a new one. Set new goals and resolutions and plan your marketing campaigns for the next year.

To conclude, make good use of these dates to increase traffic to your store in 2020. Set up your marketing strategy from now and start planning your campaigns.

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5 Facts About Dropshipping to help your business

Every day you logon to Facebook or Instagram you will see sponsored posts by so called gurus saying “hey check out these latest new tricks I found in Facebook ads“.

Dropshipping is not dead nor will it be anytime in the future. Sure, new features are released like CBO – all you need to do is adapt your advertising methods but that is what separates winners and losers. Adapting to the game (and that’s what this is) is key,  look at Dropshipping as a game as you need to always be looking for that next opportunity or new release that’s coming out to jump on it right away.

So let me just lay down some things about Dropshipping I feel will help you stay on top of the game.

MOM I found this awesome thing called dropshipping I am going to be so rich.

All these gurus will have you fooled into thinking that dropshipping is a get rich quick scheme where you just set up a store and add a few products then run some small $5 FB ads and BOOM – sales will come in and before you know it you are the next guru.


Dropshipping can make you rich but it certainly won’t do it overnight or by following some BS guru who makes more money from their courses than their stores. You need to look for the right people to connect to, watch as many YouTube videos as possible and not jump in thinking you know everything. Crawl before you walk.

I can’t sell if this is saturated or if everyone is selling it.

One of the biggest myths in Dropshipping is that products get saturated very fast if someone or many people are scaling it. This is certainly not true. Think on how many people are on FB or Instagram or Google shopping for a minute. There are billions of people to market your products to – it is how you market it and the angle you do. Lets take for instance the Blackhead Cleaner that became our first ever 7 figure product from a Drophippo customer. It has been running for 2 years and sold all over the world then 2 novice dropshippers came in and done over 7 figures with it in a matter of months. Why? Well they done it right, built a superb store aimed it in a way other Dropshippers didn’t. You must always research – this isn’t a game to throw shit at a wall and hope something sticks like it was in 2014-2016! They researched what competitors were doing before launching. You can read more on what they done here.

I am ready I built my store lets go go go!

I am a great believer in just getting the store up and running with it, but not just the bare minimum basics with no work done to it. You need to work on what will help. Product page, nice looking add to cart button also add the buy now button it helps, trust badges also help but not badges that are just insane with loads of nonsense. I will share in the group 1000s of trust badges to use.

Look at the main page as well – make sure it has a nice layout. I personally am not a fan of the slider as I felt it takes away from the products but it is a personal choice. Using a free theme will work fine with some tweaks. There’s no need when starting to go buy a theme or pay someone to build one for you. Shopify is made to help new starts get a store up and running in less than a day.

Facebook ads are not working anymore I’m done with this.

Ok, lets be honest here, everyone will have all said this more than once. Especially when your ad account gets banned or ads disapproved but it is still the main place to get sales online for impulse buying. Like I mentioned earlier in this blog, research your niche – their likes dislikes and what others are selling to them. This will help put you on a better footing when running ads. Again, use YouTube to watch videos on ads. Not just by one person as then you just could be getting shit info and at the end upsold a course. Personally, I watch Yousef Khalidi, The beast of Ecom and Justin Cener. You can’t go wrong.

So research research research.

Google shopping should I test this or is it just hearsay?

Google shopping is coming up the ranks in making sales for Dropshippers. I won’t go to much into it but if you want to learn jump on the YouTube channel of Nik Armenis as Nick is a beast when comes to Google shopping and if he doesn’t know it isn’t worth knowing. Always you must have more than one way to make sakes – don’t just sit and rely on Google shopping.

Product Research

Whats trending this week on Drophippo

So we all know you love to get updates on what is trending . So in this post I am going to give you the best trending products we have on the app.

First and foremost upfront is the Remote Control Wall Climbing Car. This thing is on fire and we have plenty of stock available for this. Just search app for the RC wall climbing car and get selling.

Next up on the list in second place are our music boxes. Now we only made these available last week and already people smashing them out left right and center. Again just search music box in app. We have one to suit everyone from mums to grandmothers.

Next in 3rd we have our awesome heated gloves that sell really well this time of year. Just so you know we ship these from USA for USA orders.

This is coming up fast as going to be the new front runner with how we are seeing its sales pick up 2 in 1 Smart Gesture Transforming Car. These are amazing kids gifts for Christmas

This little beauty is doing well at the moment our Pocket watch for father to give to there sons. What a great gesture for Christmas morning.

That’s all for today everyone hope it helps you find that item to smash it out in Q4

Team DropHippo out.

Product Research

How to do product research in Q4

 YO it’s DropHippo here with another golden nugget for you about product research.

During Q4 we know that it can be a difficult time to find products to sell and we hope that this video helps you find your next winner. Don’t forget that Q4 is gifting season so don’t be afraid to look for gift ideas too!

Apologies for long video but it is worth it. Oh and make sure you switch on subtitles.


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$1 Million Dollar Product

We’ve had our first MILLION DOLLAR SELLER on the app recently and best of all, they managed to get sales in excess of $1M using a product that was meant to be saturated!

How were they able to sell a product that was already saturated and selling millions of dollars worth elsewhere? Well, it simply comes down to the mindset of the seller. Rather than say “Damn, I wish I thought of that” they thought “I will get a piece of that action”. It’s no secret that the product that they sold has been seen elsewhere however they were able to turn an apparently saturated product into a 7 figure winner using cold traffic i.e. launch using interests rather than Lookalike Audiences.

So, what is the product? It’s a Blackhead Cleaner that is available on our app! Oh, and there’s also several upsells on our app that you can also use to bring your average order value up and boost your profits.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that a product is not worth running – just think of everyone who made a fortune on the Fidget Spinners as proof that the “I’m not doing it” mentality is bad not just for you but for your business.

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Over 1000 Products on the app!

Hey everyone, Stef and Kev from DropHippo here with some awesome news for those of you who sell in big numbers in Europe.

We are proud to announce that we now have our own Distribution Centre in London that opened this week. This means that you can now ship pallets of your winning products straight to our Distribution Centre ready for next business day dispatch to Europe. We also have a Fulfilment Centre in the USA too if you are scaling in America.

Best of all there’s absolutely no storage fees for the first 6 months. That’s right – we can offer you something that even Amazon can’t – free storage!

With our Distribution Centre all you need to do is pay a small $3 picking and packing fee for each order and you also have the ability to include your personalised inserts so you can promote other products, add a thank you note or offer your customers a discount etc to take your brand to the next level.


UK Fulfilment Centre

Hey everyone, Stef and Kev from DropHippo here with some awesome news for those of you who sell in big numbers in Europe.

We are proud to announce that we now have our own Distribution Centre in London that opened this week. This means that you can now ship pallets of your winning products straight to our Distribution Centre ready for next business day dispatch to Europe. We also have a Fulfilment Centre in the USA too if you are scaling in America.

Best of all there’s absolutely no storage fees for the first 6 months. That’s right – we can offer you something that even Amazon can’t – free storage!

With our Distribution Centre all you need to do is pay a small $3 picking and packing fee for each order and you also have the ability to include your personalised inserts so you can promote other products, add a thank you note or offer your customers a discount etc to take your brand to the next level.

DropHippo Updates

How To Drop Disputes By 80%

Disputes might have disastrous impacts on your business in general, and particularly on your Paypal account. Here are some tips you can use to reduce them as much as possible:

  • Have a GREAT support team: In fact, people get easily furious when their requests are not answered.

  • Have clear terms of service and refund policy to help your support team make the right choices when they receive customers’ claims.


Now if your support team is not doing the job the way it needs to be done, here’s a better alternative:

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Click on Selling tools

Step 3: Click on customer service message. This is where you can set a message your customers will see when they are on the dispute page. It is the last chance you have to reset trust and make them feel your business is legit before they file the dispute.

Step 4: Create an email address where you only receive dispute emails and prioritize their treatment. You can go for something like [email protected] and don’t forget to use alerts.


Find below an example of what your message should be like:

Title: Filling a dispute? Please hold on a second!

Message: “We are very sorry you have reached this point. If you are not satisfied, then neither are we. We sincerely apologize if you have not received any answer from our support team or if their answer did not meet your expectations. Please reach out at [email protected] and tell us what your claim is about. This is a very high priority email we dedicated to cases like yours so that your claims are resolved in the best and quickest possible manner. Please remember that you are more likely to be refunded if you inform us about the issues you encountered.”


The text above is indicative and you might need to adapt it to your business.


Now you can enjoy a healthier Paypal account and, hence, a healthier business. You’ll be surprised with the number of emails you’ll receive.


How to create and grow a profitable store

You’re Fed up with your 9-5 job and you’re seriously thinking of launching your dropshipping business to ensure your financial independence? It is time for you to make goals of your dreams and step towards their achievement. The good news is that you neither need to invest too much money, nor to seek help from experts. And with more and more users shopping online, you have no excuses to delay your entrepreneurship plans.

To help you start, we created this blog post where we share with you the best tips you can use when creating your store, starting from the platform and sourcing choices and ending with the decision-making.



How to create your online store?

Before you start thinking of what website builder you’ll need to choose, you should decide first what to sell. Things are easier when you already have a niche you’re passionate about. You’ll only need to focus on the products you’ll sell within your niche, and that users are more likely to buy. Click here to learn more about how to find winning products.

Now that you made your choices, you can move to the next step and start creating your online store. The best way to build it is by using ecommerce platforms. These are software solutions that are available online and which help you build your store with almost no IT skills requirements. You’ll only need an innovative idea, a laptop and a good internet connection.

There are plenty of ecommerce platforms on the web. However, the best amongst them and the one we would highly recommend for its reliability, ease of use and large community is the following:

  • Shopify: A complete ecommerce platform where you can easily create your website, customize your store and manage your different business processes (inventory, payments, shipping…). The good news is that you can run your business from anywhere as long as you have good internet connection. In fact, the platform supports multiple languages and payment gateways.

Shopify offers a 14 days trial for free with no credit card required, and you can choose the pricing plan that suits most your business by the end of the 14 days.

After you sign for Shopify, you’ll need to decide about the pricing plan you’ll go for, a basic one will be good as you’re a beginner. You’ll then need to get a domain name (Shopify offers its services for 10USD to 20USD per year), then pick a suitable ecommerce template and personalize it, add your products to your website and finally set up your payment methods and shipping settings. Don’t forget to preview your store and test it before you publish it.


How to best source your products?

There is a various choice online, but before you decide what directory you’ll opt for, consider the following criteria:

  • Make sure that the supplier you choose is trustworthy and that the products they offer are of a good quality. Read other customers’ reviews to decide.

  • Pay attention to products diversity the supplier you chose offers. If you’d like to sell large variety of products, your supplier needs to have a large inventory at his disposal.

  • Don’t ignore your supplier’s return policies. In fact, running a business means also that you’ll probably have to deal with return issues. So, make sure your supplier’s procedures are in line with your business strategy.

  • Opt for the supplier who has the shortest delivery time. The sooner your customers receive their orders, the better for all.

Remember that your supplier is your business partner. Hence, building a good relationship with him is a must.

Drophippo proudly responds to all the criteria mentioned above and even more. Click here to discover why we are the ones to choose to best source your products.


How to best take decisions?

Your business growth is closely tied to your decision making. Thus, being careful when acting is a must. Fortunately, Google puts at your disposal its web analytics service to help you take your decisions based on factual data rather than making choices based on assumptions, while planning your growth strategy. In fact, thanks to Google Analytics, you can easily track your store’s traffic and know how many users have visited it, where they are from and how do they behave while on it.

Find here the complete guide Google created to help you better exploit its web analytics service. Note that you need to have a basic HTML knowledge to use it. If not, let your webmaster do the job.

Besides, signing for Shopify means you automatically have access to their Shopify Analytics. This service provides you with an overview dashboard, a live view, key financial reports and acquisition, behavior and marketing reports. You can access more reports if you upgrade your pricing plan. For instance, the overview dashboard provides you with the following metrics: Total sales, online store sessions, returning customer rate, online store conversion rate, average order value and total orders.


5 common mistakes to avoid

  • Thinking that all you need is to create a store. There’s too much work to do before, when and after you create it if your aim is a sustainable business.

  • Selling bad-quality products to cut the prices. Disappointing customers will only have disastrous consequences.

  • Not using metrics to make decisions is a huge mistake. If your assumption worked once, it surely won’t always.

  • Not setting a relevant marketing strategy and integrate a good social media plan to drive traffic.

  • Having an online presence with no SEO strategy. It’s like sailing in the ocean with no destination.


As a summary, to create and grow a profitable store, choose Shopify as your website builder and take advantage of its easy-to-use features and functionalities. Allow Drophippo to take care of the sourcing part, we have a various choice of good quality products, we replace or refund if the product is defective and we have short delivery time. Finally, Use Shopify Analytics and Google Analytics to make all your decisions based on factual data not on assumptions. These tips are given to you by our former dropshippers at Drophippo based on their fruitful six years of experience, so make sure you take them all into account.

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Best ways to market your dropshipping products

If it has been a while since you launched your Dropshipping business and it’s still struggling to take off, then you surely need to reconsider your marketing strategy, assuming you initially have one. If not, then waste no more time and make of it your focus for the next coming days.

In fact, with the numerous marketing channels at your disposal, you might find it difficult to choose the ones that are likely to work for your business, especially as what successfully worked for others might not have the same results for you. Hence, it is essential that you carefully plan your promotional strategy to drive traffic to your store and consequently boost your sales. Fortunately, most of the available digital channels are affordable, and you don’t need to hire an expert to use them.

In this article, we are going to outline three online promotional channels that are essential to your businesses success:


Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC Marketing)

These are a set of marketing channels for which you can start with low budgets and only pay when users view or click on your advertising posts. It is a method you’d choose if you’d like customers to know about your product in the short term. It is available on all social media platforms and Google offers its services as well. So, as an advertiser, you create your ad and you set a budget, then you launch the promotion. Targeting options depend on the purpose of your promotional campaign and the channel you use. For instance, your targeting options are keywords if you use Google, and interests if you rather opt for Instagram or Facebook. The promotional post appears on the top search results in the first page of Google’s search engine while it appears on the users’ news feed in Facebook and Instagram. Using those channels doesn’t require an experts help as each one has clear guidelines explaining how to set your promotional campaigns.

Here are some tips on how to use each one of the PPC channels:

  • Facebook: Promoting your Dropshipping business can be done in two ways through this channel. It’s either you use your personal account, in which you can get free traffic thanks to the relevant content you create and post on your account, or share in various communities related to the niche you’re working in. Or create a business page where you most of the time post interesting and engaging content, and rarely share promotional posts. In fact, too much advertising can have negative impact too.

  • Instagram: This channel, owned by Facebook, counts over a billion users and offers a huge base of potential customers. To promote your business using Instagram, you need to start by posting relevant and unique content. Then, you can think of creating giveaways where you invite people to interact in return of a reward. You also might look for cooperation with influencers who operate in your niche. Finally, automated tools that interact – like or comment – with other users’ posts might help to attract attention to your account. Remember that it is necessary that you create a professional account before you start any promotional campaign.

  • Google AdWords: It is undeniably one of the most powerful marketing channels. In fact, the first thing that comes to a users mind when they want information about a product they need is Google. Appearing on top of the search results – whether in the form of simple text ads or in one of shopping ads with the image of the product and the price mentioned – will certainly help increasing traffic to your store and consequently your sales. Don’t neglect the step of keyword research to have a clear idea of the terms users look for.

Here’s a piece of advice you should consider before you start your PPC marketing strategy in social media: you need to well-feed your profiles with accurate and relevant content to catch your visitors attention and keep them interested and coming back for more.


Search Engine Optimization

This is not a marketing method that we would advise you to use if your aim is making a quick profit. It is indeed the slowest one you can use for your business promotion and it requires patience to see the fruits of your labor. Besides, with Amazon spending its billions of dollars budgets on advertising and huge marketing teams to appear on the top results for any product a user might type into Google search engine, having good search results seems to be impossible. However, you need to use it anyway if you would like to build a long-lasting business. Start by learning SEO basics and think of creating a blog where you share content with keywords that are related to your niche. Again, it will take some time for your content to be detected for some keywords, but don’t give up or try to take shortcuts. Be patient and remember to keep SEO in mind while writing product descriptions, blog and social media posts, titles etc, and if you decide to create a website, make sure that it’s SEO friendly and can easily be scanned by search engines.


Email Marketing

Emailing is another efficient marketing method that amazingly contributes to increase online sales if used correctly. You first need to expand your list of subscribers. For this, you can use pop-ups to offer discounts or free samples to users who land on your blog or on your store. Once you have created your list of subscribers, you should think of the way you’ll write your emails so that customers get interested and they don’t end up in the Spam folder. In fact, simple messages proposing offers to buy items are unlikely to draw attention. Consequently, writing attention-grabbing emails is a must! Here are some tips that will certainly help you:

  • Choose a simple but appealing subject, users should easily understand your message and feel it is important that they read your email.

  • Start your email with accurate and relevant information and show it along with the subject line.

  • Pay attention to the words your use for your emails. They should be convincing and call users to action.

  • Design your emails in a pleasant way, users are very attentive to the finest of details.


Hippo’s top tips

  • Add your happy customers’ testimonials, ratings and reviews to your store. This is a great method to build trust!

  • Retarget potential customers. In fact, most of the users who land in your store won’t buy on their first visit.

  • Users see blogs as a reliable source of information. Start one in which your share content that is related to your niche and use it to drive traffic to your store.

  • Join Facebook groups that are related to your niche and share interesting and relevant posts to catch attention.

  • Work with influencers to reach large fanbases and drive traffic to your store.