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How to find potential winning products for your Dropshipping business

Have you decided to start your Dropshipping business but confused what products you should choose to sell, especially if you are new to Dropshipping and don’t have the funds that will allow you to invest in high-priced software tools?

The best solution you need to make a final decision on what products to launch is to spend some time on doing product research, but keep in mind that it is extremely important that your research ends with a good product-market fit to maximize sales.

To help you with your research and make your job easier we’ll help explain the following areas to help and guide you on your journey:

  • What makes a winning product?

  • Why is it essential to conduct product research?

  • How do you best conduct product research?

  • Drophippo’s Special tips to always find winning products


What makes a winning product?

Traditionally large retail stores spend huge amounts on research specialists to help them understand their customer and have large, dedicated budgets at their disposal . It’s undeniable that this way of doing business had positive results in the vast majority of cases, but it didn’t prevent in so many others from over-evaluating or under-evaluating the real value of a product.

Nowadays, thanks to technology and the internet, turning ideas into marketable products or services has become accessible and affordable to everyone no matter how small your budget is. So, what makes a marketable and winning product?

Understanding how the product you want to sell will benefit your potential customer should be at the heart of your concerns. In fact, it needs to meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Having distinctive attributes: the product you choose to sell needs to attract attention with unique features.

  • Suggesting a product that would appeal to more potential customers.

  • Proposing a solution to a problem. Selling a product that solves an issue always leads to good results.

  • Selling a high demanded product at a cheaper price. Reducing your costs increases your chances of having a winning product.

  • Being easy-to-use: if the user guide of your product is complicated to understand and follow, try instructional video ads instead.

  • Making noticeable changes: the customer should notice the impact of using your product and see the difference its use makes, don’t be scared to explain the benefits to them.

  • Offering the same product as competition but with more functions.

  • Having actual customers’ testimonials on your sales page will strengthen your sites credibility.


Why is it essential to conduct product research?

Before publishing any product on your store, it is essential that you conduct research to answer these questions:

  • Does the product have chances to be successful?

  • What is the best strategy you can use to sell it?

Besides, proceeding to product research helps with evaluating your idea, identifying potential issues and making sure the possibilities the product offers meet your customers’ needs. In fact, it is the only way you can avoid costly mistakes and find the right process to adopt that will set you apart from competition and at the same time meet your customers needs.


How do you best conduct product research?

The first phase of your product research is a preparatory phase and it should be conducted in line with the following criteria:

  • Look for items that are durable and easy to ship. Avoid oversized, perishable and fragile products.

  • Make sure the product you think of is available in your dropshipper’s warehouse.

  • The price should be set in a manner that prevents your business from profitability problems and costly expenses. In other words, think of a product that is neither too cheap nor too expensive.

When it comes to the second phase, the in-depth one, the first question that comes to mind is: how to identify the best niche?

As a first step, think of having a look at Amazon and Aliexpress best-selling products, even if you’re not using the latter as a supplier as it will help you to choose the niche that is more likely to generate sales, or confirm it if it’s already saturated. Clicking on the product page will bring more information about how the item is doing as far as orders and customer reviews are concerned.

Your research can also be done straight into stores that offer items from the same niche as the one you’re thinking of on Shopify. Tap “ + your niche” in Google and you are redirected to your potential competitors stores.

While looking through items that are best-selling, you also identify your potential competitors and thus have access to valuable information about their offerings and how they communicate about their items. In other words, it’s possible for you to spy on them and all you need to do to get all the information you need about them is to ask Google. Even better, if you’d like to go further, you might shop secretly from their stores to know what behavior they have towards their customers after the purchase has been completed. This will also open up their email marketing to you too!

Social Media can also help you limit the choices you have and you can uncover trending products thanks to Hashtags. Use to search for trending hashtags in the industry or niche that you’re interested in. Then you can look for posts using the hashtags you found in different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. Think also of checking out groups and pages in Facebook for insights about what interests your potential audience, focus on the ones with posts generating a lot of engagement and don’t forget to keep the hashtags you used for your research to reuse them for your marketing campaigns.

While doing your research on Instagram, look also for influencers in the niche you’re interested in and see how they market the items and how the audience is reacting to their posts.

Pinterest can also be a good place to source insights. Use keywords to search for pins and look at the comments users left about them. You’ll need to use keywords because otherwise the result of your research will only be in the interest areas you have chosen in the beginning.


Drophippo’s special tips to always find winning products

Drophippo was created by former Dropshippers who went through almost every method and apps related to product research, and here are the three tools we find to be essential that will help you to find winning products:

  • Google trends: Google trends is an online free tool that was created by Google to allow users to see how many times a keyword has been researched over a determined period. Dropshippers use it to evaluate a product’s evolution and see if its popularity is rising or decreasing. It is an easy-to-use tool as all you need to do is to type the search term, the name of your niche, and interpret the results that come out in the form of graphs and maps. The shape of the graphs gives you an idea about the evolution of users’ research for your chosen niche and the maps will guide you to your potential markets.

  • Alishark: Alishark is a great spy tool for any Dropshipper who would like to quickly find a winning product to promote, at a good price. It’s quick and easy-to-use, the data it brings is reliable and comes from different sources and the tool offers good customer support and is regularly updated. To use it, type your product idea into the search bar, then use the filter feature to adjust the results according to your criteria. You’ll need by then to track the results (likes, sales statistics, shares…) before checking details about the item, including the price, on Aliexpress page. By the end of your research, you can upload the item to your Shopify store if the results suit you.

  • EcomHunt: This is another tool that will help you save time you would spend on researching for winning products and will let you focus on things that matter more for your Dropshipping business. It updates all its data, including winning products, profit, links, engagements, analytics, Facebook ads etc on a daily basis and all the job is done by experts. Thanks to its features, the tool allows its users to immediately start selling items they choose on their stores.

DropHippo Updates

New Entrepreneur’s Guide to Dropshipping

Dropshipping is certainly a term you have heard of as you are looking for ideas to create your own online business. If you are curious to know more about this popular business model, read on and find between the lines of this article the answers to the following questions:
  • What is dropshipping?
  • Is dropshipping beneficial as a business?
  • Why Drophippo is the dropshipper you need to opt for?
  • How to integrate Drophippo?
  • Extra tips for beginners


What’s dropshipping?

Running a store without having to hold an inventory is now possible thanks to dropshipping business model. In fact, it is a process that allows vendors to ship their products directly to their clients from the warehouse of a third-party supplier. In other words, as a vendor, you will never need to package, store or ship the products you sell.
The schemes bellow explain more the difference between a normal business model and the dropshipping one:
Thus, starting a dropshipping business with limited funds is feasable as you, as a vendor, don’t need to handle and stock goods you sell. However, it is not a process you can opt for to quickly get rich. To build a successful business, you need to use dropshipping  in the right way and follow the different tips you will find in this guide.


Is dropshipping beneficial as a business?

As mentioned before, dropshipping is about running a store without having to carry an inventory and that is the first benefit that this business model has, freeing the business from costs that are related to orders’ preparation, packaging and shipping processes and allowing your business to reach areas where it is practically impossible to ship because of your location’s limitation. Thus, your business can be based anywhere and you still can reach customers all over the world.
Moreover, you only need a website to start your business. Costs linked to holding a retail location are not needed, your products offer can be wider than it would be if you had to store goods you buy to resell, and selling items that are difficult to store, such as perishable products or large ones, is easier.
Another benefit of dropshipping is that it helps preventing logistical problems. Headaches that are linked to shortages or overstocks are no more of your business, and you are not exposed to the risks of changing trends that cause some items to unexpectedly fall out of favor.
Finally, the most important benefit of dropshipping business model is that you only have to buy products when your customers do. This brings the front costs of your business to zero as you neither have to invest your resources on buying a large number of items to benefit from the wholesale pricing, nor you have to pay for their storage.


Why Drophippo is the dropshipper you need to opt for?

First of all, Drophippo doesn’t order from Aliexpress, sources directly from suppliers and checks their items’ quality in accordance with its standards to ensure your customers’ satisfaction.
Moreover, when using Drophippo, you only deal with one supplier who understands your needs and pain points, and who really cares about your business and its success as it is run by former dropshippers who have been through all dropshipping issues during several years.
In addition to that, Drophippo collaborators are available 7 days a week in chat you can find within Drophippo app (fully free to use) and who you can easily reach for your claims in case of damages. Drophippo assumes its responsibilities and unquestionably replaces or refunds in such cases. All you need to do is to send a picture of the damaged item. Also, your invoices are downloadable from the app and providing documentation for your end of year taxes or any other payment is easy.
Another reason Drophippo is the business partner you need is that they have a fulfilment center in the USA from where American customers are shipped using Fedex or USPS tracking. Hence, your customers are comforted as they won’t need to deal with Chinese tracking sites knowing that their orders are in the safe hands of reputable companies with names they recognize and trust. Having a fulfilment center in the USA also allowed Drophippo to reduce time delivery takes. In fact, items are shipped the next working day from the day of orders and customers receive them in few days later. The longest time delivery might take at the very most is two weeks, this only happens if the ordered items are not available in the USA fulfilment center and are sourced from China. In case of scaling a product, Drophippo holds stock for you within the USA fulfilment center for free, who else can do that?
Orders from the rest of the world are likely shipped from China but only from a trustworthy distribution center that ensures fast track shipping to your customers’ countries. Items are then surely dispatched fast as their working relationship with the postal service is excellent.
You can discover many more advantages that Drophippo has by trying it yourself. The app takes control of sourcing, dispatching and updating tracking as soon as the items are delivered. All you need to do is to pay for your orders and focus on your sales campaigns.


How to integrate Drophippo?

Watch the videos below to learn more about Drophippo and how to integrate it.



Extra tips for beginners

As a beginner, you can follow the tips bellow to walk steadily towards success in your dropshipping business:
  • Make sure the products you choose to sell are passion products. This is the first thing to think about as it may either drive your business to success or to failure. In fact, people are more likely to buy items related to activities they are passionate about, and their passion will certainly lead to a considerable raise in sales and customer loyalty.
  • Think of logistics before you choose the items you’ll sell and keep in mind the risks that dropshipping business can cause when shipping. Light and durable goods are always a good idea, on the contrary of heavy and perishable ones.
  • Make a good presentation of your items as they’re likely to be sold by other vendors. Generic descriptions are not recommended as they are likely to have negative impact on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and thus on your sales.
  • Start your business with Drophippo and benefit from all the advantages it offers (explained above).
Maintain a good vendor-dropshipper relationship. Your dropshipper is your business partner and you need to build a relationship that is based on good communication, trust and mutual respect in order for both of you to achieve satisfying results as far as sales are concerned.

Are your products on Drophippo potential winners?

This is a question i am asked a lot. So how can we tell if a product has the potential to be a winner or not. A lot of factors come into this like how well has it sold before, is there a market for this type of thing or even straight up am i good enough at Facebook ads to scale this?

The one think i know is research is the main thing that is going to find you potential winners in this game. You must and i can’t stress this enough is use the tools you have available to research if something can sell or is selling or even what countries are people selling it to at this time.
For this we will use Alishark but also Aliexpress as i know not everyone starting out can pay for tools but if you can i strongly recommend it.
So this is the item we are wanting to research today.
iOS Flash USB Drive for iPhone & iPad (USA)

Stocked in the USA this bad boy can be with your customers in no time at all giving your customers a good experience with delivery and potential return customers.



Lets look at the Aliexpress data we have first. A quick search of the title brings up many different sellers with this. One stands out you will see screenshot below. Just under 2k in sales. But that is only 1 seller there is loads so you know that is going to be maybe double triple that plus the ones who source through private suppliers.
Now lets see the data Alishark gives us in more detail. Alishark is showing us around 3400 sales. And tells us the top dropshippers are France, Netherlands and Belgium for this. I think i know you guys lol sorry.
Now i just picked this at random from one of our products and i can see it has potential to sell even though it has been sold a lot before.
🔥Bonus points with customers when you add to your sales page shipped from the USA by USPS with delivery in 2-6 days.🔥