We would love to just give you guys invoices. But all invoices must be genuine orders made on our app. So once orders come in we provide you with a usable invoice for your business.

At DropHippo we remove all the pains that come with DropShipping from China. With DropHippo we put you back in control of your business.

  • Tracking: All USA orders fulfilled with USPS tracking
  • USA Fulfilment Centre: Ship your items in bulk to our USA FC for speedy processing
  • Trust: Your customers will never see Chinese labeling
  • Scaling: We can bulk order your products to keep up with demand
  • MOQ: Of course not! Whether you have 1 or 1000 orders all are despatched the same
  • Products: Over 1500 different products held in stock in USA
  • We care: Big enough to cope small enough to care

We cannot answer any questions related to your Launchese application. Please contact help@launchese.com for support

  • Support: Dedicated English, Arabic and French language support (more Languages to follow)
  • Manual Orders: We also accept CSV and XLS order formats
  • Sourcing: Let us do the hard work and source all your products
  • Privacy: All privately sourced products only available to you
  • Automation: Fully automated system to free up your time
  • Payments: Pay by Paypal, Card, Transferwise or Payoneer
  • Tracking: All tracking uploaded automatically and sent to your customers
  • Free Up time: Once you pay we take care of the rest
  • USA Fulfilment Centre: Ship your orders in bulk to our FC for speedy processing.
  • USA Orders: All USA orders fulfilled with USPS tracking
  • USA Stock: Any USA orders that we have in stock will be shipped next business day and fulfilled with USPS tracking
  • Stats: Easily check the app to see what items are selling and when
  • We Care: Free Replacement service for lost or damaged items
  • Invoices: Easily download your invoices from the app

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