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Material: Plastic
Color: transparent
Product structure analysis:
Air ducts are added on both sides of the snore arrestor to make breathing more smooth, and the snore arrestor is attached to the nasal septum by the principle of aerodynamics.
Dual assisted snoring bar and positioning edge can accurately locate the snoring device on the nasal diaphragm and enhance the snoring effect
usage method:
1. Before sleeping, please fully insert the spherical parts at both ends of the snoring device into the nostrils, with the raised positioning edge pressed tightly above the lips.
2. After use, please rinse with clean water and put it into the box.
3. The height of the user’s pillow should not exceed the height of one shoulder, and it is not advisable to overeat before bedtime.
The principle of stopping snoring:
By applying appropriate pressure to the nasal septum and stimulating the sensory nerves appropriately, the soft palate and tongue root no longer block the trachea during sleep, allowing nasal breathing to be unobstructed, and alleviating the symptoms of nasal snoring.

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