MECHANIC Battery Activation Detection Board Fast Charging For Android iOS iPhone 5-13 Pro Max Samsung Xiaomi Charging Tester




Power support: It can be powered by Type-C or alligator clips. (USB port is only for output.)
Connecting battery seat buckle: iOS series just follow the marked phone model is ok. Android series should find the corresponding battery holder.
One-click activation: After connection, click the activate button is ok. (Switch to automatic quick charge after activation.)
Automatic power off: When the battery is fully charged, it will automatically power off. (The blue indicator light will be off.)
MECHANIC BA27 Battery Activation Detection Board
Six Core Advantages
4.2V regulated output
Real-time detection
Automatic power-off
Fast charging
Automatic identification
One-click activation
Models Cover The Full Range of iOS
Integrate 27 battery holders, 9 for iOS and 18 for Android.
Current & Voltage Real-Time Monitoring
Accurately monitor the real-time output voltage and current values of the activation board.
Measure the empty / load voltage of USB powered devices.
4.2V Regulated Output
Overload and over-voltage protection, regulated output, more effective multiple protection batteries.
Intelligent Identification of Battery Positive & Negative
Different manufacturers have different positive and negative electrodes on battery, and intelligent identification makes it safe to use.
Charging / Output Multiple Interfaces
With Type-C / Alligator clip / USB three interfaces, use according to demand. (USB port only for output.)
Current Pointer Meter Interface
Note: If you need an external pointer meter, please take out the loop terminal in the upper right corner first, and connect the pointer meter through the standard terminal line. If you don’t need to use the pointer meter, please remember to plug it back into this loop terminal, otherwise, it won’t turn on.
Concise & Delicate
Uncompromising performance in an ultra light body, heavyweight performance without the weight. Fine and flexible packaging, delicate appearance.

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Mainland China

Product Name

Battery activation detection board

Screen Display

LED Digital Display



Product Size

About 140*60*10mm

Package Size

About 167*82*18mm

Net Weight

About 47.0g / pcs

Gross Weight

About 75.0g / pcs