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Note: After adding salt water, it will last for about 7 days.
If you do not need to use it continuously for 7 days, please pour out the salt water after use and clean it with clean water,
so that you can continue to use it next time. If the salt water is not poured out, it will not be bright again after seven days.
This product is only an emergency use lamp (Adding salt water can last for 7 days)and cannot be used continuously.
Salt Watter Lamp is ideal in any emergency situation
such as earthquakes when the power goes off when you go camping, or just in case.
Product Description
■This emergency light has no water quality or purity requirements for the added water.
■In special environments, adding seawater or urine can also turn on the emergency light. (The brightness of the light may be slightly weaker)
This emergency light is free from chemical harmful substances and heavy metal pollution. The liquid inside the product is not edible. If the liquid accidentally comes into contact with the eyes, rinse with plenty of water. This product is kept away from children!
This emergency light can be used outdoors and indoors, with an ambient temperature limit of -10 ℃.
When the emergency light is filled with water please place it upright, do not place it upside down!
When the emergency light is not in use, please remove the liquid from the bag, add clean water, shake multiple times, and clean the bag. After the water is released, dry and store it.
If you need to use the emergency light again, please follow the usage steps.

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