ZoeRax 50pcs Shielded RJ45 Cat6 Cat6A Pass Through Connectors – 3 Prong 8P8C Gold Plated Ethernet Ends for FTP/STP Network Cable


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Shielded RJ45 PassThrough Cat6 Connectors – ZoeRax Easy and Fast Termination STP Gold Plated 30 Micron 3 Prong Modular Plug 8P8C Ends for Cat6/Cat5E/Cat6a Ethernet Cable Stranded or Solid
✅ Termination Easy, Fast & Reliable – RJ45 Pass Through design allows the wires simplify to slide all the way to the slot after you arrange it in a 568A or 568B standard. Best for a not pro installer, let you quickly and easily create category 6 cables.
✅ Avoided Mistakes & Environmentally Friendly – Compared with traditional rj45 connectors, you can easily verify the proper wiring order by the pass through ends, reducing scraps and waste.
✅ Shielded Cat6a/Cat6/Cat5e Plugs – Fully shielded products provide reduced pair-to-pair crosstalk, alien crosstalk and considerably improved immunity to noise at all frequencies
✅ Compatible with 23 ~26 AWG – These 3-prong, 30µ gold plated CAT6 connectors work effectively with standard or solid cable conductor gauge between 23AWG, compatible with nearly every style or model of RJ45 crimp tools.
✅ How to Use – Trim off the ends of the wires after you straighten them and make them sequence, then insert cable through connector and out the front. These durable Passthrough Connectors are ideal for all Category CAT6a/Cat6 compliant data networks, like custom CCTV, security and network installations
Outside Dianeter: 1.2±0.02mm
Condutor OD: max 0.57mm
Wire OD: 23-28AWG
Speed: 1000Mbps
Bandwidth: 100Mhz

Overall Shieded Design
Compatible with Various Cable for OD uo tp 23 AWG
3 Layers Tripoints Cold Plated Contact Teeth
24K 50u Goud-plated
Made by High-quality PC Material
Pass Through Design
Easy tu Use & Durable
Wiring Scheme
Product description
ZoeRax Cat6/Cat5E Pass Through Shielded 8P8C RJ45 Connector
STP Pass Through RJ45 Connectors
The pass through plugs use 3 Prong contact blade fit both stranded and solid wire. The pass through design allow you to slide 4-pairs wires all the way into the slot, can simplify termination of cables and save time.
Simple 1-piece Pass Through Plugs
Easy to verify wire sequence and reduces scraps with a higher performance. Pass-through holes allow wire pairs to be inserted through front of connector for faster terminations
Supports 23-26 AWG Round Stranded or Solid Cable
Fully RoSH, UL and FCC compliant and are suitable for use in category 6 data networks. They work with virtually every model of RJ45 crimper tool and 23-24AWG cable. Using the pass through crimping tool would cut the excess cable more quickly.
Supports RJ45 CAT6 / Cat6a/Cat5e Cable
Data transmitting capability of up to 1000Mbps (1Gb), used for CCTV, Security Cameras, Routers, Switches, Printers, and Servers.
90 Days Warranty
ZoeRax rj45 connectors are backed by our 15 Days Product Warranty and you will always get friendly support.
Cable Parameters:
1. 23-26 AWG round
2. Solid or stranded wire
3. 3-prong, 30 µ gold contacts
4. Max cable OD: 7.0mm/0.255 in.
5. Max conductor OD: 1.1 mm/0.043 in.

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