About DropHippo

Are you fed up with slow delivery times, practically no support and suppliers that don’t care? At DropHippo we remove all the pains that come with Dropshipping from China. With DropHippo we put you back in control of your business.

Our Background

Prior to DropHippo being born (yes, we like to think that Hippo is our baby!) we were just like you and ran campaigns on Facebook and Google for our Dropshipping and Print on Demand stores. We ran these for 6 years with 1 dropshipping store and 1 PoD store going on to become 7 figure businesses themselves.

Unfortunately, we got screwed big time by an agent in China who sent out a product we were dropshipping that clearly never went through any quality checks or used additional packing to stop damages occurring during transit. When we raised this with them, they just disappeared. It really was a case of they were there one day and the next day they completely disappeared - Skype, email and even ManyChat profiles all gone and this left us with a big problem. A problem that ended up costing us 5 figures in refunds.

The Lightbulb Moment

As well as a pretty big life lesson it also made us think. If we got screwed by someone who we were working with in China for several months how many others are there that have also lost money? We kept our stores going for a further 2 months but during this time we looked into what each sourcing agency were offering and identified what they were “missing” when compared to how a Western company would operate.

After advertising both stores on Flippa we sold them and then created DropHippo in 2018. Since our launch we have come a long way and invested massively both in the software and the staff side so we are able to offer you class leading support that you deserve from a company you can trust.

Managed in the UK

As you have probably worked out for yourselves by now we’re not Chinese and DropHippo is ran from the UK. This gives us the advantage of being able to communicate with you in fluent English so there’s no issues when you contact us as we have been in your position before we know and understand your business. Our support staff are fluent in English, Arabic and French so you can be assured that there's someone who understands your needs.

Sourcing done right

We like to do things differently and build trust and establish relationships with our valued clients. Unlike nearly all other sourcing agencies our relationship isn’t solely about getting as much money from you as we can, we believe that honesty is the best policy and that’s why we will tell you if there are any issues with your product when we Quality Check it. It’s the same if an item was to arrive damaged at your customer, we will replace it for you free of charge and the only thing we ask is an image of the damaged item rather than say that it wasn’t broken when it was sent.

Get in touch with our team today.

We’re here to answer any questions you might have regarding our products or services. Whether you’re new to Drophippo, or are looking to expand your usage, we would love to hear from you!

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    Drophippo inc, 651 N. Broad Street, Suite 206 Middletown, DE 19709