Refund and Returns Policy

This refund policy is for merchants who have placed an order using the Drop Hippo app or provided Drop Hippo with an order export spreadsheet. Drop Hippo will provide a full refund for any for the following cases. Delayed Orders: Orders Not Found, In transit, Pending or Expired with more than 60 days since the day of dispatch from our warehouse. Damaged Orders: Drop Hippo will provide a full refund/replacement if photographic proof is provided to prove that – The order arrived damaged. – The order arrived damaged but the customer doesn’t want the replacement to be sent. Quality: We fully check all items prior to dispatch and source products from links that you have provided to Drop Hippo. We can only offer a replacement or refund for cosmetic or physical damage and not in instances where the customer does not like the item (i.e. Buyers Remorse). In all cases photographic proof must be provided to Drop Hippo to enable us to investigate. Delivery Countries Limits: We send all items using tracked shipping however not all countries provide a tracking service once the item lands at the final destination country. We will endeavour to work with you to ensure that the items are delivered however we cannot be held responsible for any delivery issues within the following regions: Africa Asia (with the exception of Singapore and Japan) South America Central American regions. Pacific Islands Exceptions: Please note that if an item has attempted to be delivered by the local postal service and was held at the Post Office but not picked up by your customer and returned to us a shipping fee will apply for sending the item to an existing or new customer. Drop Hippo will not be responsible for any items held or destroyed at Customs and any Customs fee to pay is the responsibility of your customer. Please note that currently Sweden and Brazil will charge an additional Customs fee for all products regardless of the size or value. Drop Hippo is not responsible for any items that were attempted to be delivered and the local postal service have deemed that the address is incorrect. It is the responsibility of you and your customer to ensure that all addresses are correct. By using our website and services, you are accepting and agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use and your use of our website and services are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws on England and Wales. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, you are not authorised to use this website or our services and should stop doing so immediately.