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DropHippo – Adding a product to your store

When you have found a product that you would like to publish to your store click on the EDIT button below the product image and pricing.

The product display screen will show where you can view the price of each product and variant, shipping costs and enable the product for publishing to your store. You can view the main product images by clicking on Front or Back

Choose what variants you want to publish to your store. The default is set to all variants.

View and edit the product description

View Shipping costs for each Shipping Zone

Setting your Margin (Profit)

Add product tags to your product

Saving the product and Markup percentage prior to publishing it to your store.Simply click the SAVE PRODUCT BOX and click Save Changes on the popup

You will now see the main Products Page. Press the slider to enable the product to be published. The product will then appear in color

 Press the PUBLISH NOW button to send the product to your store

You will then see a progress indicator and confirmation screen that will confirm that the product has been published to your store.

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