24PCS 300x300x25mm Studio Acoustic Foam SoundProofing Acoustic Panel Sound Proof Insulation Absorption Treatment Wall Panels



Kind Reminder: Our product is compressed and vacuum-sealed. It may be deformed due to transportation. It only needs to be washed and dried to return to its original state!!! If you are concerned about product distortion, please do not purchase this product.
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(The volume of the product is relatively large. All our stores use vacuum compression bags for compression packaging, and the outer packaging uses plastic express bags.)
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(Take out the shriveled acoustic foam from the packaging bag, and it will expand and restore its thickness after washing.)
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-Soft sponge, dust-free;
-Sound effects, suitable for studios and KTV, etc.;
Product application principle: Use the open-pored structure to increase its sound absorption capacity and optimize its internal porosity, reduce the interference and reverberation of indoor reflected sound, improve the purity of the sound, adjust the indoor sound field, and reverberation, and make the sound pleasant to the ears.
Material: sponge
Size: 300x300x25mm
Quantity: 24 pieces
Color: black/blue/red/purple/grey
Applicable to: Home decoration wall, widely used in recording studios, recording studios, audio-visual rooms, audio-visual rooms, piano rooms, drum rooms, anchor rooms, home theaters, KTV, soundproof rooms, conference halls, studios, broadcasting rooms, theaters, etc. Interior decoration of the occasion
Package Included:
24 x acoustic foam
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