5 LED Flashlight Rechargeable with Built in 18650 Battery Strong Light Camping Adventure Fishing Head Light Headlamp




Rechargeable Battery
No need to constantly replace batteries. Simply recharge the flashlight using a USB cable.
Waterproof Design
This headlamp is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it perfect for outdoor activities like camping and fishing.
Strong Light Output
With 5 LED bulbs, this headlamp provides a powerful beam of light that can illuminate your path in low-light conditions.
Built-in Battery
The headlamp comes with a built-in 18650 battery, which means you don’t have to worry about carrying around extra batteries.
Product name: Type1/Type2/Type3.
Led quantity: 5 LED.
Battery: built-in 18650 lithium battery
Charger: USB Charging .
4 Model: 1LED-4LED-5LED Flash.
Mode 1: The main light is on.
Mode 2: Four small lights are on.
Mode 3: All lights are on.
Mode 4: All lights are on and sos flashes.
Package included:
1*5LED headlights
1 x USB Cable
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1.In order to ensure the service life of the product, please minimize the collision and friction.
2.The product has its own waterproof function, which can prevent normal water droplet spraying, and has a built-in rechargeable battery. In order to ensure the quality of the product, please try not to touch the water erosion.
Instructions for use:
1. Built-in rechargeable battery can be fully charged before the first use, and the battery life will last longer.
2. Model introduction
Click the switch once: low brightness.
Click the switch twice: medium brightness.
Click the switch 3 times: high brightness.
Click the switch 4 times to turn on SOS mode.
【Usb charging】
n Usb charges quickly, saves energy and is more efficient. It is suitable for the interface of most power supply products in the market and is convenient for your use.n
【Four lighting modes】n
n Mode 1: The main light is on.n
n Mode 2: Four small lights are on.n
n Mode 3: All lights are onn
n Mode 4: All lights are on and sos flashes.n
【Product introductiongecrptn
【Product parameter】

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