90 Degree Flat Edge Square Ruler Carpentry Square Woodworking Tools Metal Angle Measuring Tool Multi Try Square Gauge Set-Square



This product is not a zero error instrument, it has a certain accuracy error, the range is ±0.2°, if your accuracy requirements are higher than this range, please choose carefully.
90 Degree Flat Edge Square Carpenter Square Bladed Try Square Angle Square L-shaped Carpenter’s Ruler Marking Gauge Carpenter
Product Parameter:
Measuring range: square with base
Product Angle: 90 Degrees
Product material: carbon steel
Product Accuracy: 1-2 Levels,Error ±0.2°
Surface treatment: laser calibration
1. Minor scratches on the surface of this product are normal
2. This product is of ordinary accuracy, and the error is within the normal range
(Please do not buy if you mind, thank you for your cooperation.)
Our Product Advantages:
1. Good Quality Steel:Carbon Steel Material, Wear-Resistant And Durable
2. Precision Build:Fine Polished Chrome Plating, Highly Anti-Rust
3. 90° Right Angle Design:Precise Right Angle, Neat Cut
4.​ Accuracy:Class 1-2 Level Accuracy,The Accuracy Error Range Is ±0.2°

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