Aqara IP67 Water Immersing Sensor Zigbee Flood Water Leak Detector Alarm Security Soaking Sensor Waterproof For Mi Home Homekit



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In stock Aqara Water Immersing Sensor Flood Water Leak Detector for Home Remote Alarm Security Soaking Sensor
–Wireless connection:Zigbee version
–Workingtemperature:-10C -+55C
–Working humidity:0-100%RH
–IP67 waterproof and dustproof
–When the water level of the detection site is higher than 0.5mm,the sensor will alarm and your mobile phone app will receive information,remind you to take appropriate action.The alarm will release after the water level become normal.
–This sensor must work with Aqara hub or xiaomi gateway
–When addingthe wall swtich or wireless switch, please select Chinese server in the APP settings.
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Remote Alarm Security Soaking Sensor
Alarm when it detects flooding
When the water level reaches up to 0.5mm, the Water Leak Sensor will trigger the Hub to sound an alarm and send a notification to your phone.
Closes water valve to protect your property.
After detecting a leak, the Aqara Water Leak Sensor triggers the Aqara Smart Plug to turn off the solenoid water valve instantly.
Leak detected open the wall switch/smart plug
* This scene requires a solenoid water valve and an Aqara Smart Plug.
Designed to fit everywhere
Aqara Water Leak Sensor can be placed anywhere according to your needs, guarding your home with its elegant design.
IP67 waterproof rating
Aqara Water Leak Sensor meets IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating. It is guaranteed to work in humid and dusty environments.
Technologically advanced
The shell is made of anti-UV material and the colour will not fade allowing for long-term usage. It consumes low
energy and one button battery lasts over 2 years under normal circumstances.
Aqara home automation
Along with other Aqara smart accessories, you can create various scenes. Even if the Wi-Fi connection is unstable or
disconnected, as long as the Hub is powered, automations associated with this product still work properly.

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Aqara Water Immersing Sensor

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Aqara watere sensors

Aqara Water Immersing Sensor

Wireless connection

Zigbee version

aqara water leak sensor


water sensor Aqara


work with gateway 3

Soaking monitor, remote alarm

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linkage to close the water valve

Water Immersing Sensor

IP67 dustproof&waterproof

aqara water sensor

Alarm Security Soaking Sensor

aqara water leak sensor Zigbee

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aqara ip67 water immersing sensor flood

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