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【Decontamination Cleaner and Form a Protective Layer】 — Not just a glass cleaner, it’s also a glass restorer! It gives your glass a new look after cleaning and also forms a protective layer that makes water beads roll off.
【Mild Formula, No Harm to Glass】 —The formula of automobile glass oil film remover is mild, no damage to glass, easy to wipe, solve the problem of abnormal sound of wiper without damaging glass, and make travel more comfortable, clear and safe.
【Easy to Use 】— Cleaning surface of the glass with water, apply a cream on a sponge, wipe back and forth, washing with water and dry with a towel.
【Widely Application】 — Suitable for years of stubborn oil film,wiper bounce,rain marks, air conditioner water marks, water coating residues, spray paint,etc. Also suitable for bathrooms, windows, etc.
Exclusive formula
AIVC Glass Oil Film Cleaner contains abrasive particles that enable the glass to achieve the highest level of shine and clarity through the grinding operation.
Quick decontamination
Tested many times, AIVC Glass Oil Film Remover quickly removes insect droppings, tree gum, water stains, oil films and many other stubborn stains.
1. Apply 2 – 5 creams into sponge or microfiber applicator pad.
2. Spread over the entire workpiece, then scrub back and forth with a sponge deep into the surface.
3. Buff off any excess residue with a microfiber towel.
4. Rinse off with water
*NOTE:Clean the wiper rubber strip to prevent the dirt on the rubber strip from polluting the clean glass again.
Q: How to check that the oil film has been removed?

A: When the water runs down the glass to form a layer of water coating, the work of removing the oil film from the glass is complete.
Q: Can this applied without a machine, i.e. by hand?
A: yes. I have never used it with a machine, and I get great results every time. I would recommend a microfiber cloth or polishing sponge to buff. We’ve even used it to polish windows in our home.
Q: How long will the effects last?
A: We can’t guarantee how long the effect will last just like we can guarantee when your glass will get dirty. Use it when your car glass gets dirty.
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