Electric Screwdriver Battery Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver Powerful Impact Wireless Screwdriver Drill Electric Screw Driver



Product parameters:
Maximum torque: 2~4 (N/m)
Frequency: 50Hz
Purpose: DIY at home
Is_Customized: None
Nominal voltage: 8.8V
No-load speed: 50rpm
Power supply: usb cable
scenes to be used
This product can drill holes in wood and plastic.
Note: Do not drill: hard materials such as walls, tiles, concrete, and iron.
USB interface charging
This product is a 3.6V electric screwdriver with a built-in lithium battery and cannot be removed.
Charging time: 2~5 hours (mobile phone charging head), if the red light of the charging indicator is off, it means that the battery is fully charged.

The product is positioned for general household use and is not suitable for high-intensity use.

2 shapes, press the button to change to gun shape or straight shape
Motor full copper movement, high speed, high torque
With LED light, it is convenient to work in the dark
Easy to use, 2 forms
One-handed use, very convenient, 2 forms

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Cordless Screwdriver

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