Fully Automatic Reverse Folding Umbrella With LED Flashlight 10Ribs Windproof Reflective Stripe UV Umbrellas For Sun Or Rain Day



Note : For umbrellas with lights, you need to open the cover of the handle and take out the plastic sheet inside for the battery to work properly.
Reverse umbrella is different from traditional umbrellas, when close this umbrella, the wet part will be inside of the umbrella, prevents water from dripping, keeping floors and cars dry . It can be put in everywhere.

LED lights: make it easier to see the road at night . Prevent injuries.

One Click Open & Close: No more struggling with closing your umbrella before getting in your car, especially during heavy rain. Our umbrella features an innovative auto open/close mechanism , so all you have to do is simply press the button on the handle!

Reflective Strips to Keep You Safe of Night: Design with highlight reflective strip of the canopy edge to give you 360 degrees of high visibility light to drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians during low light and rainy conditions.

Windproof: Our umbrellas are supported by 10 reinforced aluminium bones, increasing flexibility and strength without rusting. It can withstand strong winds and will not break, it is very powerful!

Quick Expand/Convergence: Getting in / out of your car during heavy rain? We got your back. By adding in high tension spring into the ribs, our umbrella open & close much faster & smoother than a regular umbrella, so that you can stay dry and elegant!

Large Size: 106cm large canopy. Big enough to fit two people and keeps you safely dry.

Perfect Travel Size: It’s easily collapsible to a small 6cm in length, yet opens to form a large 106cm canopy. It also weighs only 0.4 kg.

Product Parameters
Umbrella cloth material: Bump cloth with black coating
Umbrella cloth density: 210T
Umbrella bone material: aluminum alloy
Number of umbrella bones: 10 Ribs
Medium bar material: non-rusting steel
Handle material: plastic
Open & Close: fully automatic
Applicable number: 1-2 people
Umbrella weight: 0.43kg
2022 upgrade fully automatic reverse umbrella
*LED lights rotatable handle
*Strong reflective strip
*Fully automatic reverse umbrella
umbrella with LED flashlight
Rotatable handle, Adjust the direction of the light
in multiple directions.
Reverse umbrella: The water is inside the umbrella, and doesn’t get wet anywhere.
1.The umbrella cloth uses 210T bump cloth, which can effectively prevent rainwater from penetrating.

2.The inner black coating can effectively block ultraviolet rays.
Other: Black iron skeleton, Easy to rust, Easy to break, Bulky not easy to carry.

Our: Aluminum alloy skeleton, Rust-proof, Break-proof, Deformation-proof, Lightweight easy to carry.
10Rib aluminum alloy skeleton, excellent flexibility and strength, can resist strong wind and rain.
210T Bump cloth, It can effectively prevent water penetration.
1 Second One Click Open & Close, Convenient and fast.
Strong reflective strip, night use reflects light,
providing warning and enhancing safety.
≥99% Effectively blocks ultraviolet rays

Additional information

Panel Material

Black Coating


All in 1


Three-folding Umbrella


Sunny and Rainy Umbrella



Age Group



Aluminum Alloy Tube

Brand Name



Mainland China



Umbrella cloth material

210T Bump cloth

Umbrella cloth density


Umbrella bone material

Aluminum alloy

Number of umbrella bones

10 Ribs

Medium bar material

stainless steel

Umbrella features

Reverse umbrella, LED lights umbrella, Big umbrella, Strong Reflective Stripe