Hirisi Wireless Carp Fishing Alarm Set Waterproof, Fishing Bite Alarms Fishing Bite Indicator Fishing Accessories S5



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Carp Fishing Alarm Set,Wireless Fishing Bite Indicator S5
Quantity: 1 set
Product Size:
1.Warning LED Light
2.Short Press to set the Tone; Press button for 3 seconds to set the Sensitivity (6 level)
3.High output speaker
4.British 3/8 thread bolt
5.Volume control, Mute; Press button for 3 seconds to Turn on/off
6.Extra jack for LED swinger
7.Red/Green/Blue/Yellow LED lights correspond to 4 fishing alarms
8.Volume control; Press button for 3 seconds to Turn on/off
9.Tone control Vibration
10.High output speaker
Tone,Volume control
Warning LED Light
Extra jack for LED swinger
Red/Green/Blue/Yellow LED lights correspond to 4 fishing alarms
The transmitter require 2 piece AAA batteries, and receiver require 3 piece AAA batteries.(does not include)
Feature of fishing bite alarm:
1.Each set has a unique encoding frequency
2.Rubber finished outer casing
3.On/off switch
4.Push button to change Volume, Tone, Sensitivity
5.LED alarming with high output speaker
6.Low battery warning
7.Require 2 piece AAA batteries
8.Extra jack for LED swinger
9.Standard fixed bolt with O ring

Feature of receiver:
1.Rubber finished outer casing
2.120 meter plus Transmission range
3.Red/Green/Blue/Yellow LED-Lights match 4 fishing alarms
4.Adjustable Volume, Vibration button
5.Require 3-piece AAA batteries
6.LED Alarming signals with high output speaker

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