Mirror Camera for Car Touch Screen Video Recorder Rearview mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear Camera Mirror DVR Black Box


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H96 Car Dvr 10 Inch Screen FHD 10800P Camera With Stream RearView Mirror Night Vision Video Recorder Registrator Dash Cam Dual
Features And Specifications

Installation Type
Rearview Mirror, suitable for all vehicles with mirror
Screen(Display) Size
10.0 Inch Touch IPS Screen
Camera Sensor
Front 2MP + Rear 2MP
Camera Lens
Front + Rear; 6 Glass + 4 Glass; 170 Degree Angle + 140 Degree Angle; F2.0 Aperture + F2.2 Aperture
Video Resolution
Front: 1920*1080P@30FPS; Rear: 1920*1080P@30FPS
Photo Resolution
Video Code
Built-In (Built-in battery is very small, can not support working, only for save time&setting, please use original power charger when working)
OSD Languages
English, Russian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Polish, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, German
Basic Features
G-Sensor, Cycle Recording, Motion Detection, Parking Monitor, Time&Data Display, Wide Dynamic Range, Picture in picture display, ON/OFF Automatically
Memory Card
Micro SD Card, class 10 and 32GB to 128GB (Not included)
Rear Camera Upgrade
Support max 10 meters cable Rear Camera
Add Features
Night Vision
More Features
Coming soon…..

Packing List
1 x Packaging box
1 x DVR
1 x Power charger
1 x User manual
1 x 1080P Night Vision Rearview Camera With 6 Meters Cable

Pay Attention
About 24h Monitoring
The DVR is only compatible with cars that have a 12V power supply. A 24V power supply will burn the motherboard. If you want to use 24V, please add a 24V to 12V Converter( BL ).

About Video
Our Car DVR is FHD 1080P Video Recorder,must use high quality Class 10 TF Card, any low quality/low speed TF card all can’t support our DVRs work normally, if you can’t make sure you have good TF Card,please buy our Original TF Card together.

Streaming Media DVR Mirror
Streaming media rear view mirror use full screen instead of original rear view mirror. Display rear image of vehicle on screen in real time through camera.
1:1 Split Screen
1:1 split screen design to switch front and rearview recording, big screen and clearly and ersily to check rear view.Touch screen to switch to front camera,back camera.
10 Inch Touch Super Screen Display
10 inch touch screen, more convenient to operate, you can very fast operation of the car camera, so that you are safer in driving.
2.5D Curved Surface Screen
2.5D curved glass design, scratch-resistant ,anti-glare,anti-fingerprint.
6 Glass HD Lens
Flexible front camera, 2cm longer can be adjustable,can also adjust the lens up and down and left and right. And 6 glass HD lens , through the most, too dark, the screen of the active exposure adjustment, which is more detailed picture details, the image clearer.
Full HD 1080P Video Quality
Higher quality images help to identify vital details such as license plates,driver actions and road features which may prove your innocence.
Dual Camera Simultaneously Recording
This Car DVR has cameras that allows for simultaneously recording videos from two different angles.
Real-time Display Reverse Parking view
Smart rear view angle switch between driving and parking. You could see all further vehicles and objects clearly behind. you while real-time driving and it will switch the rear view camera automatically to give a closer backup image when parking.
Loop Recording
When this feature is turned on, the memory card is full and the oldest video will be overwritten by the newly recorded video.However, videos under special conditions will not be overwritten, such as G-sensor, Parking Monitoring.
When your car is subjected to an impact or other emergency, the G sensor is triggered, so that the recorder immediately records and locks the video.
Motion Detection
With the motion detection function is enabled, when the Car DVR detects a moving object, it will automatically start recording video. When there is no moving object, it will stop recording and detect the moving object again.
Parking Monitor
If you are worried about your car being damaged by someone else after parking, you can use our buck line to connect the DVR to ensure that the recorder works 24 hours.If someone else hurts your car and the shock triggers the G-sensor, the DVR will immediately turn on and record the situation.
Buck Line
Use the buck line to not occupy the cigarette lighter interface.
First, connect the negative pole(black line) of the buck line to the ground of the car fuse box;
Secondly, if you want to continue monitoring after parking (the DVR works 24 hours), connect the positive pole(red line) of the buck line to the BAT interface of the car fuse box;
If you want to stop monitoring after parking (the DVR does not work after parking), connect the positive pole of the buck line to the fuse box ACC interface.
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
WDR technology can achieve very perfect video and image quality, regardless of whether the outside light is too bright or too dark.
Video Display
-1 x DVR
-1 x Power charger
-1 x User Manual
-2 x Bandage
-1 x USB Card Reader(Gift)

H96+6M RCC
-1 x DVR
-1 x Power charger
-1 x User Manual
-2 x Bandage
-1 x USB Card Reader(Gift)
-1 x 1080P Rearview Camera With 6 Meters Cable

-1 x DVR
-1 x Power charge
-1 x User Manual
-2 x Bandage
-1 x USB Card Reader(Gift)
-1 x 1080P Rearview Camera With 6 Meters Cable
-1 x Buck Line For 24H Parking Monitoring(hardwire cable)

H96+ 10M RCC
-1 x DVR
-1 x Power charger
-1 x User Manual
-2 x Bandage
-1 x USB Card Reader (Gift)
-1 x 1080P Rearview Camera With 10 Meters Cable

H96+10M RCC+BL
-1 x DVR-1 x Power charge
-1 x User Manual
-2 x Bandage
-1 x USB Card Reader(Gift)
-1 x 1080P Rearview Camera With 10 Meters Cable
-1 x Buck Line For 24H Parking Monitoring(hardwire cable)

H96+ 15M RCC
-1 x DVR
-1 x Power charger
-1 x User Manual
-2 x Bandage
-1 x USB Card Reader (Gift)
-1 x 1080P Rearview Camera With 15 Meters Cable

H96+15M RCC+BL
-1 x DVR
-1 x Power charge
-1 x User Manual
-2 x Bandage
-1 x USB Card Reader(Gift)
-1 x 1080P Rearview Camera With 15 Meters Cable
-1 x Buck Line For 24H Parking Monioring(hardwire cable)
About Rear Camera Installation
Please connect the rear camera’s Red cable wire with your car reverse lamp power ‘s Positive pole(+). and then plug the car charger into the cigar lighter to power supply the car dvr.When you get your car in Reverse Gear,the car dvr will automatically switch to the rear camera with parking line.Then the auto reversing function will work.
Do I need manually turn on and off the dash cam?

After the dash cam pro is connected to the cigarette lighter receptacle in the car, you do not need to manually turn on or turn off it. Every time when the car is started (ie, the cigarette lighter port is powered on),the dash cam pro automatically boots up. The dash cam will turn off automatically when the vehicle is turned off (ie, the cigarette lighter port is powered off).Some vehicle’s cigarette lighter keeps being powered on even when the vehicle has been turned off, in this situation, you need to manually turn off the dash cam pro. And the next time you start the vehicle, you need to manually turn on the dash cam.

How to observe the running status of the dash cam pro?

Check the status indicator on the side of the dash cam. If the indicator is green, the dash cam is recording normally;if the indicator turns red, it means that the recording is abnormal.

What memory card does Gmai and NVNUVU Dash Cam support?

Gmai Dash Cam and NVNUVU Dash Cam support standard Micro SD card (TF card) with the capacity of 16GB to 64GB and speed at Class10 or above.Make sure you use high-quality storage cards from a known brand. The actual writing speed and capacity of the low-quality storage cards may be lower than declared. Video aren’t normally saved to low-quality storage cards. We don’t take any responsibility for such cases.

Why does it only record many 1 min video,can it be 2mins,3 mins, 4mins or longer?

The video is 1 min each time.The reason is that the DVR will remove the earliest video automaticlly when your card is full.If the video is too long, maybe all the longest video will be removed.When you want to check some video especially some important time, you can not find anything there.

Don’t know how to use the Gmai&NVNUVU Dash cam?

Please contact our sales for any confusions and questions.

What about the delivery?

Within 48hours,all our products are in stock.
Return & Refund, 1 Year Warranty
No reason to return goods within 15 day

Additional information

Power Source

Corded Electric

Built-in Screen


Loop-Cycle Recording Feature


Audio Recorded


Rear Camera




Original Package


Touch Screen


Screen Ratio


Memory Card Required Reding Speed

Class 10

View angle


Camera Resolution


Video Code


Video Format


Special Features

Motion Detection, SD/MMC Card, With Rearview Mirror, Anti Surge Voltage Impact, waterproof, Anti Fog, Anti Vibration, Real Time Surveillance, Automatic White Balance, Wide Dynamic Range

Max External Memory


Number Of Lenses


Imaging Sensor




Display Size


OSD Language

Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), English, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russia, Russian, Spanish

GPS logger



AV-Out, USB2.0, Micro SD/TF



Assembly Mode

Rearview Mirror

Chipset Manufacturer


Frames Per Second


Brand Name



Mainland China

Item Type