Portable Electric Garlic Masher Crusher, 100/250ml Garlic Chopper, USB Food Processor Kitchen Kitchen Gadgets



Product name: Mini electric garlic chopper
Material: Stainless steel blade/ Plastic shell
Capacity: 100ML/ 250ML
Color: Green/White
Product use: crushed garlic/ crushed ginger/ crushed chili/ ground meat/ flour/ used as supplementary food
1. Electric Crusher: The stonego electric crusher lets you say goodbye by hand-pulling, which you can just press the button on the tops to automatically crush it.
2. Sturdy and Durable: The stainless steel blade is sturdy and durable, and can cut efficiently. The food-grade plastic in the cup doesn’t contain BPA, can keep food safe, is strong and doesn’t contain bacteria.
3. Quick Chop: The sharp blade of the garlic chopper can quickly chop garlic, spices, nuts, vegetables, meat, ice cubes, etc. It is very suitable for small foods. You can use it for cooking, supplementing baby food, smoothie drinks.
4. Easy cleaning: Simply put food or ingredients into the mini food processor by hand, close the lid and start with one button to quickly chop food. The bowl and blade can be separated for easy cleaning.
5. The perfect kitchen tool for shredded garlic, shredded ginger, shredded fresh chilli, shredded peanut, ground meat, pumpkin paste, etc., which is a must-have artifact for food research lovers.
Package Included:
1PC x JJYY Electric Garlic Chopper

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