Smartphone Remote Control Type C Micro USB Universal Smart Infrared App Control Wireless Mini Adapter for TV Air Conditioner




Dear friend,please note that the type c remote contro don’t support for iphone 15.The type c remote control suitable for iPhone 15 is currently being developed.

Name: Mobile phone intelligent remote control
Size:30*11* 7.5mm
Remote control distance:10m
Material: ABS + PC + silicone
Interface: Lighting/Type-C/Micro USB
TheType C and Micro versions support all Android phones with OTG function. Please note that the phone needs to support OTG function (OTG is the abbreviation for On The Go, mainly used for connecting various devices or mobile devices for data exchange). Some brand phones need to manually turn on the OTG function (opening method: Settings-Other Settings-Turn on OTG switch), such as Vivo and OPPO phones. The Android version comes with a learning function that allows to learn remote control codes that are not available in the current code library.
Supported languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Korean, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian, Hindi, Indonesian, Türkiye, Polish, Thai, Romanian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Malay.
App download: download” Uni TV Remote” from Apple Store , and download “zaza remote” from Google Store
The original app has been removed for maintenance and will be available again this month.Please try to scan this QR code to download the app
Q:What phone models does the remote control support?
Answer: Android phones only support OTG (currently almost all Android phones support OTG).
Q:Can the remote control control all household appliances?
Answer: The remote control can cover over 90% of infrared home appliances in the current market, and well-known brands generally can. If the remote control is not compatible with your mobile phone during the adaptation process,android phones can choose DIY for learning functions.
Non infrared home appliances cannot be remotely controlled, such as Bluetooth remote control and 2.4GHz remote control.
Q:How far is the remote control distance?
Answer: The distance between the remote control and the household appliances depends on the reception of the electrical appliances. The actual measurement of commonly used electrical appliances is 5-12 meters. Fully meet daily needs.
Q:Does this product need to be aligned with electrical appliances during use?
Answer: The working principle of the mobile phone remote control and the built-in remote control of the appliance is the same. It needs to be aimed at the appliance and cannot be obstructed in the middle.
Q: Why is the Apple phone not compatible and the indicator light not flashing, although it can be recognized when the remote control is inserted?
Answer: It can be solved by turning off mono audio in the settings of the phone – General – Auxiliary functions – (Mono audio option is an auxiliary function set for people with unilateral hearing impairment that will not affect normal calls)
Q: Why does an Android phone not recognize or function properly after being inserted into the remote control?
Answer: 1. If the phone is an OPPO or vivo phone, you need to turn on the OTG switch in Settings- Other Settings. Some OPPO phones require the remote control to be inserted into the phone and then restarted to recognize (do not remove the remote control during the restart process)
2. If other Android phones have similar issues, you can open the remote control wizard – My – Settings in the upper right corner – Infrared driver settings – Device selection USB.

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