Waterproof Bicycle Mobile Phone Holder Support Universal Motorcycle GPS 360°Swivel Adjustable Bike Cellphone Holder


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Product Description:
Name: Bicycle/Motorcycle phone waterproof bracket
Material: ABS + TPU + nylon with fiber
Function. Waterproof and rainproof
Product features:
-Large size design, suitable for most models below 6.7 inches on the market
-Built-in sealing ring, effective for most of the rainy weather conditions
-360 degree rotation angle adjustment at will
-Folding base, can freely adjust a variety of angles
Built-in magnetic suction, can effectively fix the phone does not shift
-Waterproof case back window design, no need to take out the phone can be recorded and photographed
-Bottom with a data line and headphone insurance jack
Packing included:
Waterproof phone case*1
Mounting base*1
Magnetic sheet*1
Small wrench*1
Color box*1

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