WYOBD G4 Head Up Display LED Auto Speedometer Smart Digital Alarm Reminder GPS HUD Car Accessories for All Car



—The best head-up display for any car

1:—-Head-up display (HUD) for everyday commute to stay focused and connected while driving

2:—-Installed on the dashboard at one time, the cables are concealed, and the appearance is the same as the original car, The machine does not damage the car, and use safe.
(For all models, the connection is a USB interface.5v)

The original car is not damaged, the smart is started to stop with the car;

HUD works: Receive the data from the car and display it on the machine
What is the difference between G4 and G4S?
Usually, users prefer to buy a machine with G4 ambient light, which has a good-looking picture and many functions. G4S mainly displays a simple mode: the function of speed + time.

—The G4 machine chip uses the latest upgraded hardware, so the G4 will position the satellite faster than the G4S based on GPS.
G4 Display
1: speed
2: driving direction guide
3: 5 color mood lights
4: Simple mode display
5: Ambient light acceleration display
6: One-key switch between kilometers and miles
7: Automatic photoreceptor

Call the police:
1: Overspeed alarm
2: Fatigue driving reminder
G4S Display
1: Vehicle speed
2: Time

Call the police:
1: Overspeed alarm
2: Fatigue driving reminder
Alarm functions Improve driving safety
1:Overspeed alarm:Alarm when the vehicle speed reaches the set default value of 150KM/H
(30-250 setting)
2:Fatigue driving: Reminder after continuous driving exceeds the default value of 4.0 hours
(1-8h setting)
Speed exceeds automatic change
The ambient light will change every 20 yards, and if the speed exceeds 150 yards, it will turn red and alarm to indicate speeding.
G4 function
3:Nunber of satellites
4:Kilometer mile toggle
5:Speed Alarm
6:Fatigue driving
Have you had any of these problems while driving?
1. If you are in a hurry to go to work, you are afraid of being late, driving fast and wanting to pick up your mobile phone to check the time will be very dangerous.
2. The upper limit of personal driving points is prepared, and you have to pay attention to various traffic violations, so the speeding alarm reminder is very helpful for you.
3. Truck drivers, taxi drivers, often drive on the road, but forget that continuous driving will lead to driver fatigue and dangerous driving.
Multiple placements
It can be installed on the dashboard or attached to the windshield of the car.
A variety of different display interfaces can be switched with one key
3:Number of satellites
5:Speed+Ambient Light
6:Speed+Copass+Ambient Light
Any car can be used
Can be used with USB (5v).One USB cable, plug and play. Perfectly compatible with vans trucks,buses carsoff-road vehicles suvsand other vehicles
Non-destructive installation,Plug and play
1:Plug the USB cable into the cigarette lighter interface
2:The wire is inserted into the A-pillar seal
3:Connect the USB side to the HUD put in the right place
Automatic turn on/ off
Automatically turn on and off as the car starts and stops.
1:Satellite icon: After the satellite is found, the GPS light stops flashing and stays on for normal use.
2: Vehicle speed display
3: Ambient light: speed changes over 20
4: Compass: N (North) E (East) W (West) S (South)
5: Speed unit: KM/H (kilometers) MPH (miles)
Clear and Distinct
It can be automatically sensitive, or you can set the high and low brightness fixedly.
Product Highlights:
🚕【Wide Application】– can work on all cars / trucks / buses / E-scooters / E-bikes…

🚕【Plug & Play】– After connect power supply, it will work directly, no need any other operation;

🚕 【GPS+Beidou Dual Chips】– Speed ​​is very accurate, and the speed is refreshed quickly without any delay;

🚕 【Display Content】– Speed, compass, 5-color changing light

🚕【Large Font】-Clearly visible both during the day and at night;

🚕【Speed ​​Unit】- KM/H and MPH version can be changed manually;

🚕【Notice】- The Device is GPS Digital Speedometer, and speed is collected from satellites. So if tested at home or parking lot, perhaps speed can’t display correctly. Please test it on the car outside with good signal;

🚕【After-sale Service】– when you receive the order, please test it outside with good signal immediately. If it can’t perform properly, please write to us, and we will exchange a new unit or refund you directly, no need to return;

🚕【One-Year Warranty】- Support email: [email protected]
360 degree rotating suction cup holder
Not only can the machine be adsorbed on the windshield/dashboard of the car, but also the non-slip pad can be installed in front of the driver.
Why choose WYOBD?
1. The world’s leading brand, loved and trusted by customers.
2. Fast shipping from overseas warehouse (US/RU/PL/ES/), fast delivery: Korea 3-5 days/Russia 5-10 days/Poland 5-10 days.
3. We are the manufacturer with integrity and quality management producing HUD for 11 years, 100% original product and best price.
4. 15 days local free return: Russia, Brazil, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Italy, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, UAE (contact the seller before returning).
5. All products have undergone strict quality inspection before leaving the factory to ensure high quality. The WYOBD store supports the privilege of reissuing new machines for free if the machine received is unintentionally damaged.
6. Support wholesale price and Dropshipping.
Product accessories:
1* G4-Head-up display
1* Bracket
1* 1.8 m Micro USB
1* Non-slip mat
1* English manual
1* Box
1.The screen without any display, and no power
Check whether the USB cable is damaged, replace the USB cable for testing, and prohibit the use of voltage higher than 5V for power supply.

2.Without car Speed
After HUD power-on, the satellite icon flashes will start to find the satellite. Please driving the car to the road. It will work after it stops flashing.

3.Inaccurate Speed
A: First check the speed unit is correct or not, the speed unit including KM/H and MPH, please refer to the setting to switch the unit.
B: The car manufacturers usually make the dashboard speed 5-7% higher than the ECU. The international standard is based on satellite data.
(if the dashboard shows 100, and the device shows the 105, change the default value at 102)

4.Driving direction display error
After the vehicle speed exceeds 5KM / H, the direction can be displayed normally.

5. Speed is still displayed after the car stops
Under the underground parking lot, tunnel, under the overpass, there will be unstable satellite drift when there is obstruction.

6.Turn off the buzzer
Push left for 2 seconds to turn off the buzzer, do it again to turn on.
7:What is the difference between a G4 machine and a G4S
The G4 machine has the function of ambient light;
G4S machines have time to show.
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