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Are your products on Drophippo potential winners?

This is a question i am asked a lot. So how can we tell if a product has the potential to be a winner or not. A lot of factors come into this like how well has it sold before, is there a market for this type of thing or even straight up am i good enough at Facebook ads to scale this?

The one think i know is research is the main thing that is going to find you potential winners in this game. You must and i can’t stress this enough is use the tools you have available to research if something can sell or is selling or even what countries are people selling it to at this time.
For this we will use Alishark but also Aliexpress as i know not everyone starting out can pay for tools but if you can i strongly recommend it.
So this is the item we are wanting to research today.
iOS Flash USB Drive for iPhone & iPad (USA)

Stocked in the USA this bad boy can be with your customers in no time at all giving your customers a good experience with delivery and potential return customers.



Lets look at the Aliexpress data we have first. A quick search of the title brings up many different sellers with this. One stands out you will see screenshot below. Just under 2k in sales. But that is only 1 seller there is loads so you know that is going to be maybe double triple that plus the ones who source through private suppliers.
Now lets see the data Alishark gives us in more detail. Alishark is showing us around 3400 sales. And tells us the top dropshippers are France, Netherlands and Belgium for this. I think i know you guys lol sorry.
Now i just picked this at random from one of our products and i can see it has potential to sell even though it has been sold a lot before.
🔥Bonus points with customers when you add to your sales page shipped from the USA by USPS with delivery in 2-6 days.🔥

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