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Top 10 Dropshipping Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know

The times where you have to drive to your local convenience store or to a city mall to buy products you need are declining. As technology advances, online shopping is on the rise.

Many entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this market trend. With most products and services available in just a click of a button, it makes the buying and selling process easier and more convenient. 

While physical stores expand their business online and other business owners create their own products, some entrepreneurs are riding the dropshipping model in the e-commerce business.

Because dropshipping is easy to start and requires less capital, millions of people are interested to try it. But even though you can sell items without dealing with products stock, it is not as easy as you think.

To make the most profit, you have to learn how to operate a dropshipping online store properly. 

Below are ten essential tips that you should know:

1. Find the Right Supplier.

All successful dropshipping businesses start with a reliable supplier. No matter how good your marketing is, if the quality of your product is poor, you will not get any customers and sales.

The problem is there are thousands of supplier options on the internet. Finding the right one can be a daunting task. It is crucial to find the right supplier who will help build your brand image by delivering high-quality products with good packaging and shipping time.

Drophippo is a reliable supplier which deals directly with manufacturers and takes the pain out of sourcing products from China. Their quality control and customer support are top-notch, leaving you without worries about your orders.

2. Avoid selling the same product.

Not because a certain product is trending, you will immediately want to sell it too. It’s a simple law of supply and demand. If many businesses and online sellers are selling the same “hot product”, the prices will go down because of the growing competition. 

As a result, your profit margin will become slim; and you waste valuable time and energy. Instead of jumping to the hype, pick a more sustainable strategy like a niche item with low competition and a decent profit margin. 

3. Price wisely.

Not because your products are lower in price than your competitors, customers will flood you. Underpricing your products will lead you nowhere in the long run. Consider your profit margin when pricing your products. 

Calculate marketing expense, staff, overhead, and other relevant factors. If your competitors are lowering their prices, don’t try to imitate them however tempting it might be. Also, don’t price ridiculously high as it will turn away your store visitors.

Pricing your products fairly by keeping them within the market value is the right way to go. Providing an excellent customer experience is also crucial to increasing sales. Factors such as swift customer support, hassle-free returns and refund policies, and personalized packaging lead to an enhanced customer journey. 

4. Focus on Niche Products.

One common reason why online business owners fail is they sell a wide variety of products. To be successful at dropshipping, it is important to research and study your niche. Instead of selling many products, try narrowing them down to the products that you are interested in.

Sell products that you are knowledgeable of. Let’s say you’re a mom who loves cooking. You can pick home and kitchen appliances as your niche. Since you understand your products, you can market them well.

Then, conduct market research on your niche and find products that have a good profit margin. A focused niche can give you an edge instead of products in random categories.

5. Use an e-commerce platform for your Dropshipping Store.

If a physical store is made up of brick and mortar, an online store is built on an e-commerce platform. Some of the popular options are Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Wix, and Squarespace. Each of them differs in pricing, features, and capabilities so make sure to do your research before deciding on one. 

When choosing an e-commerce platform, keep these factors in mind:

  • Integration with distributor’s product feed: It allows you to automatically import products from your distributor to your store. 
  • CRM Integration: It allows you to connect important software to ensure a seamless workflow and process. 
  • Freight and Taxes Automation: It allows you to automate order checkout and guarantees trust and transparency to your customers.
  • Support: Whenever you encounter a problem or issue, the platform should be accessible for support 24/7 and be contacted through phone, email, or webchat.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, the e-commerce platform you choose should also grow. Does the platform charge more fees and additional costs as you expand? If so, consider other options.
  • Mobile-friendliness: Your e-commerce platform should be responsive to multiple devices as mobile shopping is on the rise. 
  • Security: Data security is one of the biggest concerns in online shopping these days. Make sure that your e-commerce provider has strong data security to safeguard customers’ data and information.

6. Optimize Product Descriptions.

A good product description makes use of high-quality images and detailed information about the product. To make your listing effective, use clear photos with a clean background.

When putting product descriptions, avoid copying the text provided by the manufacturer. Duplicating content affects SEO so if you want your website to rank higher in search engines, creating unique and relevant content is advisable. 

7. Create an amazing Offer.

Offers and deals can help your store stand out from the crowd. Special deals and bundles affect consumers’ buying behaviour. Saving motivates them to buy and the price advantage makes you shine out from the competition. 

This fundamental marketing strategy makes your customer see that you’re offering a great bargain and they’re getting more value from it. Utilize promotions and deals as well as upsells and cross-sells – anything that can persuade people to pull their credit cards out. 

8. Create a  Marketing Plan.

Most dropshipping business owners fail in this part. They found a reliable supplier, set up their online store, and just left it there – assuming that customers will magically come and buy their products.

Magic doesn’t happen in any business. You need to have a solid marketing plan to get your first order. Advertising drives your customers to your store so it’s vital to promote effectively.

In this digital age, you can take advantage of social media and online directories. Successful dropship merchants do not stick to one selling platform but utilize all resources available. 

You can market directly through your website or other channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, eBay, and other marketplaces. Create strategies on how you will reach your potential customers. You can try organic SEO and paid advertising to spread the message and let the world know that you exist.

9. Provide Excellent Customer Service.

Bear in mind that people buy online for the convenience it offers. This means that they expect a satisfying shopping experience from you. The best way to retain and attract customers is by providing customer interaction. 

Offer tracking information and be clear about the delivery times. Not being transparent to your customers and not addressing their concerns can lead to negative feedback and bad reviews. 

Always meet your customer’s expectations. Keep them up to date with what’s going on with their order, confirm shipping dates, receipts, etc., and build trust. Excellent customer service reflects your brand image, encourages repeat business and puts you on top over your competitor.

10. Don’t give up too early.

Dropshipping is not a sprint but a marathon. Starting an online business requires patience, dedication, and hard work. Many entrepreneurs enter the e-commerce business thinking that it is the easiest road to wealth yet most of them quit when bombarded with challenges. 

If you want to succeed as an online entrepreneur, you must learn how to face failures and disappointments. Dropshipping involves a lot of trial and error and only the brave ones with realistic goals succeed. 

When facing adversity, figure out the solution, learn new skills, and understand how the business works. Don’t throw in the towel early – all big businesses start small.


6 Key Tips to a Successful E-commerce Website

The power of the internet impacts our lives in many ways. Not just for research, work, and communication, we also use it for shopping. As people continue to use technology and shop online, e-commerce will continue to grow.

This is why most physical stores are expanding their presence online to reach more audiences and cater to their customers. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to ride the e-commerce wave, you need to have an online store.

An e-commerce website is your marketplace – just like an attractive window display in the mall. A well-built online shop is a gamechanger – it builds brand recognition, attracts buyers, provides a great user experience, and facilitates customer service.

What are the essential elements of an effective e-commerce website? 

1. Choose the Right Platform

The initial step is to choose a proven platform for your e-commerce business. There are a lot of e-commerce options out there but some of the most popular choices are Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, WooCommerce, Squarespace, and Magento. 

When choosing a platform, consider these factors:

  • Monthly fees
  • Customer Support
  • Payment gateway options
  • Standard features
  • Limitations around product numbers
  • CRM and App integrations

Before you sign up, you can do quick research, read customer reviews, and even take demos to find out which platform is best for you.

2. Choose the perfect theme

Visual appearance is extremely important. The first impression lasts. Pick a theme that matches your e-commerce vision. Themes or templates are ready-built pages that you can customize without the need for design or coding skills.

Pick a theme that complements your brand. When designing your website, keep it clean and professional-looking. Too many elements and pop-ups can turn away your web visitors. 

3. Keep it Simple and Easy to Navigate

If your site has too much going on, it can confuse your customers. To provide an excellent customer experience, smooth website navigation is a must. The texts, fonts, and product information should be easy to read and not distracting.

Is your homepage reflecting your brand and telling a story? Make sure that the images, slideshows, and videos are placed properly. The navigation bar should not be complicated to access. 

The font, colour scheme, and buttons should match your branding. It is also vital to have a search feature that allows customers to filter results to easily find the product they are looking for, instead of digging through hundreds of products.

4. Add Your Products and Content

Product pages are the most important pages of your website. Customers come to your site because of these items and if they are not presented well, it can lead to a lost sale. 

Take the time to add eye-catching images. Whenever possible, use high-quality pictures and perform product photography. You may want to grab the generic images from the product manufacturer but that will not work out great. Showing the products from all angles make your products stand out. 

Although writing your own product descriptions take time, it is better than copying the information given by the supplier. Duplicate content affects SEO and your customers will find you at the bottom of search pages. 

Describe the product and detail its features, benefits, textures, measurements, and the value it provides to your customers.

5. Set Up Payment Methods

You need payment methods to close a sale and receive payments. Your customer’s data and information should be kept safe and secure when they process payment. In the competitive online marketplace, having multiple payment options gives you an edge. 

Your website’s checkout process can make and break a sale. A good payment option should be simple, making the purchase process fast and convenient. The last thing you want is to lead your customer to a checkout page that takes too long to process payments.

6. Sort out your Shipping and Fulfillment Policies

Expensive shipping costs make customers leave your site or abandon their cart. This is why it’s best to find a reliable logistics and fulfilment service to partner with. Customers want a seamless shopping experience and they expect to receive their orders promptly.

Are you shipping locally or internationally? What types of shipping fees are you offering: flat rate, variable rate, or free shipping? Inform your customers about these details and offer a tracking option so that customers can get updates about their orders. Integrate a shipping software that automates the workflow so that your customers won’t be frustrated upon checkout. 


Spending hours on what theme to choose?

Many businesses have started creating web Shopify stores to sell products and services. With growing numbers of companies opening their Shopify stores, it’s hard to create a unique and different theme from the crowd.

Opening a business today is relatively easy, but expanding your clientele is difficult, especially if you’re a home-based business. Finding a place to set up shop can be tricky, but starting online might help out a lot. Shopify is an excellent place to sell your products; it’s one of the best e-commerce platforms in the world, trusted by more than 1.7 million stores worldwide.

If starting a business and you’re looking for a place to build your store on Shopify, EcomSolid is a good place for you to start. Helping you make your custom theme and pages quick and easy.

What is EcomSolid?

EcomSolid is an affordable and unrivaled Theme and Page Builder on Shopify. It helps sellers set up shop, create their unique pages and conversations easily and quickly.

It is an All-in-One store design solution built to help create and boost your store on Shopify. Numerous customizable styles, themes, templates, etc., creating your very own business page is made easy and affordable with EcomSolid. With its multiple customizable elements and all kinds of sale-boosting add-ons, this Theme and Page Builder has it all and more.

EcomSolid boasts a lot of positive reviews and over 5000 Shopify Sellers Empowered with its design system. Excellent reviews on Trustpilot and the trust of multiple Shopify Sellers, You can see just how awesome EcomSolid is.

Why EcomSolid?

If a seasoned businessman/businesswoman or just starting, EcomSolid is a great place to start making your pages. With EcomSolid, you can choose from its different plans, themes, and designs to create your very own business website. Their beginner-friendly User Interface (UI) is easy to learn and understand.

Creating your custom pages is easy with EcomSolid. Creating that unique and special page for your store is as simple as writing your name with its multiple themes and features.

Building a page can be difficult if you don’t know anything about coding and graphic design, but with EcomSolid, you won’t need any of them. Perfect for beginners, EcomSolid can help you design the perfect page and themes for the business you own.

Theme and Pages Full Package

Creating Storefronts is a hassle when designing is in mind, with this package gives you full access to its library of themes and pages. It helps you with choosing the perfect theme and pages to create your Storefront.

Being unique is always essential, and you don’t want to fit in the crowd. EcomSolid’s wide variety of themes and pages is impressive and could help your page be unique from the rest of the stores on Shopify.

Showcase your brand with a fantastic store it deserves with these themes and page templates on EcomSolid. Simply pick your page, change your theme, configure your products, and you’re ready to go.

Intuitive Visual Editor

Finding that ideal look that your brand deserves is easy to make with EcomSolids Intuitive Visual Editor. No need to hire a designer. It’s easy to use!

Creating the perfect look that you want for your store would be easy. Making your brands look and feel with over 100 different customizable layouts and content blocks.

EcomSolid’s beginner-friendly system, it’s built for everyone to use and learn. Page design can’t be made any more straightforward.

With EcomSolid’s system, even a beginner with no experience and skill can master it. Any design tweaks that you make get applied to the design of your store.

A Rich Library of Templates and Layouts

Creating that signature look for your page would be easy with a wide variety of templates and layouts. EcomSolids Library of thousands of different and unique templates, sections, and layouts, you can mix and match for your liking.

With EcomSolid, you won’t need other templates and layout websites. Everything you need is here and at a very affordable price. Don’t worry if the theme you use is different from the template you like; everything is compatible with EcomSolid.

Various Built-in and Third-party Add-ons

Conversations with customers are essential when in the business industry. Having add-ons could help you boost not only the conversations with customers but also your sales. Boosting can help you with selling products and having conversations with customers. It could be a good choice to find an excellent add-on to help you out.

But with EcomSolid has got you covered. Built-in add-ons won’t be an issue, and if you’d like, it’s partnered with multiple third-party add-ons, giving you the boost that your store might need.

Optimized SEO and Mobile Integration

In some cases, designing a page for Laptops and Desktops is different from creating one for mobile phones. Some even make a separate page for their mobile customers. Designing different pages for the diverse needs of your customers is time-consuming and might cost you more money, but with EcomSolid, it’s a different story.

With its versatile themes and templates, creating a page to cater to other people is easy. The page you made on your desktop is compatible with mobile devices, no need to develop other dedicated pages for your consumers.

Not only does it help you boost your sales, but it also optimizes your SEO. Helping you gain fast speeds loading pages, so the customers don’t have to wait.

Absolutely Codeless (unless you want to!)

Coding can be a hassle, especially if you’re just trying to make your page. If you don’t know how to code, it’ll take longer if you want everything to be perfect just the way you like it.

Using EcomSolid, you don’t need to learn a single thing about coding. The system they created already comes with the codes you need. If you know your way around codes and want a few tweaks, the system will allow you to make those changes by yourself or with the help of the system.


What’s the price?

EcomSolid is affordable, even starting businesses can gain its services for cheap. It also offers a 20-day Free Trial and a Free Forever Plan.

Launch (Free)

With this plan, you can use the basic features that EcomSolid to get your business up and ready.

Growth ($19/Month)

It’s the cheapest paid plan EcomSolid offers. You can access all the Must-have features to allow you to create your design better and scale them faster.

Advanced ($39/Month)

Gaining exclusive features and support and takes your sales to the next level. Giving you more access to better features not available from the plans.

Enterprise (Customized)

This plan gives you a customized plan based on the needs of your business.

These prices are low if you have a business, and it’s customizable to your liking.

For more information, check out their pricing plans.

The Big Launch

EcomSolid is now on Shopify App Store, giving you a better method to access their unrivaled services. It also got recognized on Product Hunt last September 28. Gaining these achievements, they’re offering amazing promotions for their customers.

For all New Users, You get 50% off from all plans for the first 200 upgrades! Grab your chance now before it sells out!

For the Product Hunt Lovers, You gain an extended 60-day trial!

For Development Stores, You gain a Free Growth plan to experience the app.

EcomSolid is a great app to start your Shopify Seller Page. It gives you access to their amazing services and helps. Don’t miss a beat and try them out for yourself; you might love the service it provides.

Starting a business is already hard, and if you need any technical or creative support, EcomSolid’s support team will help you with any of your concerns.

EcomSolid is a fantastic app you can use for your business. It is versatile, hosts various features, and provides you with the best experience you want. Try it now for free!

Social Media

How Your Dropshipping Business Can Use Pinterest to Your Advantage

When you say “social media marketing,” the first thing that comes to most people’s minds would be Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These social networks are so popular among consumers and businesses alike because they work. Likes and shares actually convert to sales. This is especially true for dropshipping companies.

What not a lot of people don’t know though is that other less popular social media sites can also convert to sales. One of the most underrated social media platforms that can make a world of difference in your marketing efforts today is Pinterest.

Why use Pinterest to your advantage

A lot of businesses don’t see Pinterest as a valuable marketing tool simply because it’s a female-dominated platform. If you’ve been ignoring this social media site, then you can be committing an expensive marketing mistake.

Today, Pinterest is the fifth most used social media platform with an estimated 700 million visitors every month. It boasts over 322 million profiles as of 2020. It also has a high engagement rate since the site is considered a visual search engine, which means that this platform can help businesses reach their target audience and direct traffic back to their own websites. And when it comes to generating social media referral traffic, Pinterest comes second to Facebook.

With Pinterest, users, or “pinners” can share visuals through various images from all over the internet. This makes this social media site the biggest search engine for visual content. Pinners can “pin” images and organize them into virtual bulletin boards called pinboards. They then have the option to share the pinboards publicly or not. With public boards, other users can repin them and share them through their feed.

Research shows that 93% of active Pinterest users use this platform to plan for future purchases. This means that a huge percentage of people on this social network is there to buy a product. So by pinning images of your products, you are creating educational content that helps people plan their purchases.

Promoted pins have been proven to be highly effective in marketing towards a targeted demographic. In fact, 50% of pinners buy a product after seeing a promoted pin on their feeds. Dropshipping businesses can get more out of this platform and get a high conversion rate by making Pinterest marketing an integral part of their mobile marketing strategy.

To simply put it, Pinterest allows people to share ideas through visuals, making it a highly effective marketing tool that can get the word out about your business dropshipping products and services.

How to leverage Pinterest marketing

If you want to succeed with your Pinterest marketing strategy for your dropshipping company, you must go beyond having an awesome profile and company description.

Here’s how you can tap into a wider audience through Pinterest marketing.

  1. Set up your business account.
    This is, of course, the first step you need to take to take full advantage of this social media platform. Make sure your Pinterest account relates to your business name to ensure that followers will easily find you on this platform. Choose a profile picture that’s relevant to your dropshipping business, like your brand logo. Create a description that’s unique and catchy. Don’t forget to link your website address in the profile section to help users find you online.
  2. Integrate Pinterest with other social media accounts.
    Aside from linking your website address to your Pinterest account, you also need to integrate this site with your other social media accounts to help the target audience locate you.

Add save and follow buttons on your site to help visitors follow you on Pinterest easily. Add a Pin Widget to your store’s site to drive more traffic. Use the Board Widget to display up to 30 pins from your Pinterest account on your dropshipping site.

  1. Optimize your dropshipping site.
    To ensure that your Pinterest account will direct users to your store and vice-versa, you need to make sure that you only add content and images that are relevant to your niche. Embed Pinterest images on your blog content so people easily pin your pictures. Images should be of high quality and attention-grabbing to entice them to pin them straight away. Content should also make your target audience want to explore your profile more. Aside from that, it should be informative and useful to make users want to keep coming back to your profile. In other words, images should be visually captivating to inspire users to make a purchase from your store.

There are many ways to increase your brand following and increase your sales. You need to think outside the box and take advantage of different marketing strategies to maximize your digital marketing efforts. By using Pinterest marketing, you are not only increasing brand awareness but also increasing your conversion rate by bringing what people want – a convenient way to plan purchases.


Did your Facebook ad account just get banned? Frustrating, right?

Other Marketing Platforms that Work Best for Your Online Business

Did your Facebook ad account just get banned? Frustrating, right?
It’s natural to feel exasperated. You’ve been relying on Facebook to promote your products, get leads, and eventually drive sales.
Be calm. You should not feel it’s already the end of the world for you—or your business. You still have other options, namely Google Shopping, Shopify, and other social media platforms like TikTok and Pinterest.

Google Shopping
Of course, the very first thing that you will ask is this: Is it worth investing in Google shopping? Because it’s from Google—the search engine giant, there’s no doubt that the answer is YES. It can significantly help in marketing—and growing—your e-commerce business. However, you have to learn the right strategies.
To become one of the online businesses that are successful with Google Ads, you have to learn and eventually master:

  1. Google Ads creation
  2. Google Shopping campaign segmentation
  3. Search Engine Optimization or SEO (including use of keywords on your ads)
  4. Google Analytics (analysis of data then taking relevant action)
    Once you’ve learned this fully well, you’ll get to enjoy success in your online business.

TikTok Advertising
Many e-commerce business owners like you haven’t discovered the power of TikTok as a marketing tool yet. You may be asking now: Why TikTok advertising?
Why not? This social media app has been enjoying popularity, with 800 million active users worldwide. For this reason alone, it is a viable option for your e-commerce site. Aside from driving site traffic and generating sales, TikTok can help you promote new products and widen your reach.
The average engagement rate for TikTok among the more than 100,000 influencer profiles, according to Influencer Marketing Hub, is 5.3%, as compared with Instagram’s 1.1% and Twitter’s 0.3%. You may choose to post videos regularly or spend on TikTok advertising.

Being able to create a ‘storefront’ using Shopify offers a lot of help for your online business already. But it offers more—with its tools that let you manage and grow your company.
For one, Shopify has an online shopping cart that allows you to accept PayPal and credit card payments. If you run a small- or medium-sized business, this gives you the opportunity to already start selling online soon as you are able to create a merchant account on Shopify.
The reports and analytics provided by Shopify help you study the performance of your online store and your website. Moreover, this e-commerce platform helps you with Search Engine Optimization that lets your potential customers find you on Google and other search engines.

Pinterest Advertising
Pinterest is another social media platform where you can promote your e-commerce site. Pinterest ads or promoted pins work just like boost posts on Facebook. Those who are browsing on Pinterest can see your promoted pins basing on their past behavior. This means it connects you to people who are more likely to buy your products.
To be able to capture the attention of Pinterest users, your pins must be creative enough. Yes, it is the go-to for people who are looking for ideas and inspirations in cooking, fashion, handmade goods, home decor, and others. But, if you can get the creative juices in you, you’ll get lucky to use Pinterest in promoting your online business even if it does not belong in the above-mentioned categories.

Are you into the dropshipping business? Then DropHippo is the best platform for you. It makes your life as a business owner easier.
Dropshipping is already a big help for you because you do not need to have actual stocks of the products. Your third-party suppliers are even the ones who ship orders to your customers. But combining dropshipping with DropHippo, then things get more hassle-free. DropHippo processes customer orders for you. All that’s left for you to do is the marketing.
Market your products using Facebook and other online marketing platforms, including Pinterest, TikTok, Shopify, and Google Shopping.

As you discover these new online marketing platforms that can work for your e-commerce business, here are some marketing strategies that you can apply:

  1. Feature content that are user-generated.
  2. Team up with influencers.
  3. Introduce a loyalty program.
  4. Launch contests.
  5. Offer discounts.
  6. Use email marketing.
    You can boost your online presence and eventually sales if you are able to apply all of these and other marketing strategies that are known to work effectively.

Facebook is able to help online businesses like yours become successful even without a storefront. You can create awareness about your e-commerce website and your products without the need to pay for rent. You can actually transact business even from home or anywhere you may be.
Paying for ads makes it possible.
With Facebook banning ad accounts, it’s only natural for you to feel bothered. But you have other options while you are fixing your issues with Facebook. The marketing platforms—TikTok, Google Shopping, Pinterest, and others—can also effectively help you generate site traffic and drive sales. Start right now


Top dropshipping niches to go for in q3 and q4 in the new styled 2020 by Drophippo.

The dropshipping world is always changing and expanding, so if you want to make it big, it’s important to know what people are looking for. That’s especially true when it comes to the last 2 quarters of the year. What type of niche is the most profitable one for q3 and q4 this year? Let’s find out!

Home gaming setups

Due to the lockdowns all over the world, people are stuck in their homes and have more free time. This will continue during the year in many locations, so home gaming is a great niche example. It’s a very large niche, since you can focus on gaming components, chairs, mounts, cases and so on.


We at suggest you to prepare for the holidays with the gifting niche. This one is very good most of the year, since a lot of people want to find gifts for various occasions. With that in mind, you can try to sell seasonal gifts for a better experience and more comprehensive results.

Home Gym equipment

The lockdown is also influencing how people are working out. During the last 6 months of 2020 you will see more and more Shopify websites that sell home gym equipment. People love to buy this type of products since they want to stay in shape despite social distancing. That makes this niche a great one for any dropship enthusiast.

Sleep niche

It might sound strange, but the sleep niche is growing quite a lot late 2020. People focus more on their health with this pandemic, so things like healthier pillows, anti snoring devices and just about anything related to sleep end up being great sellers.

Shelving and organization

Since people have more time on their hands, it makes sense that they would organize and clear up stuff that they don’t use anymore. That’s why one of the dropshipping trends right now is to sell organization items and shelving, since they are a hot product. You can go with the themed units if you want to stand out and help people decorate wisely.

Creator tools (for YouTubers, vloggers)

A lot of people started creating their own content, so buying creator tools is common. These can be anything from cameras to lighting systems, even digital content creation products can work very well. You can be as creative as you want here.


Gadgets are great as gifts, but they also end up being very easy to use and can help people during their day to day life. You can focus on specific gadget categories for your Shopify dropshipping website if you want. This includes kitchen gadgets, office gadgets or even spy gadgets. Or you can go with a more generalized gadget dropship site if you want.


There are lots of amazing niches you can focus on for your dropshipping website in late 2020. It all comes down to figuring out which ones are the best option for you based on your own preference. You can make quite a lot of money if you pick the right niche, so take your time, prevent any rush and if you keep at the testing you will be impressed with the results.


DropHippo Updates Product Releases

What’s hot this week on Drophippo app?

Hello everyone

I hope you are all safe and sound with the current situation in some countries.

I just wanted to update you on some recent really big sellers we have on the app at the moment. So I will go ahead and list what they are and how you can find them on the app and let you guys and gals publish them and get them sales rolling in

We will be releasing a special product made by our team once again next week after all promotional videos have been made for these items.

So let me get started. These just to let you know have all done over 10k in sales across different users.

Our mens Leather Sneakers.

These and other sneakers are selling hot right now As usual our quality checks are done before we ship to ensure customer get quality especially with sneakers

So to find just check app for “mens Leather Sneakers”

As you can see these do look quality

Next up is in the makeup niche. This one is for the ladies. A makeup holder and carousel crystal. Comes in white and black,

This is doing better than most and beauty is hot at moment with lockdown.

Just search app for “360 Degree Rotating Makeup Vanity”

And last but not least one of the best niches to be selling is the beauty niche. We ship this one from the USA so if you market there then you can expect quick delivery around 3-7 days depending on the state your customer lives in. “8 colors blusher palette”

So all that’s it for this weeks latest and greatest we will be back next week with the new product we have to reveal once videos are ready.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the week and stay safe

Kind Regards

The Hippo Team

DropHippo Updates

Have questions about chosing an Agent in China?

Have questions about chosing an Agent in China? If so, read this. It is a bit of a long read but trust me, it is worth it.

I’ve seen a lot of posts containing screenshots of tracking numbers with fast delivery times but it does make me wonder what else is missing as I know from experience that relying on screenshots isn’t always the best thing to do. Sure, I can post up screenshots of deliveries being super fast but that doesn’t give you the full picture when it comes to choosing a reliable Agent to ship your goods from China. In fact I would say that it is only a small part of the bigger picture that is DropShipping.

You might see from some of those pics that USA delivery is only 4 days but is that being entirely truthful? In short it isn’t which I will explain here. If you see these super low delivery times from USPS then one of two things is happening;
1: Your agent is using a virtual warehouse so they send to USA using DHL etc and once it arrives in USA they get opened then sent on to your final customers. This is a great thing so your customers don’t see anything coming from China but on the flip side neither do you as we know that it will take a few days to source and ship your items to the virtual warehouse in USA. Suddenly your 6 day delivery actually becomes close to 2 weeks but it can still be a good customer experience.
2: Of course there are some agents like us at DropHippo who are lucky to have an actual warehouse in USA where we can arrange for your winning products to be sent to for delivery within as little as 48 hours.

I have also seen more and more posts about some competitors who it looks like have caused issues with sending the wrong product and going silent when things go wrong. For us this is what sets us apart from 99% of other Agents as we are native English speakers and we also have Arabic and French support available on our live chat. What’s that you say – “Live Chat”? YES! we do have live chat on our website ( where you can reach out to us at any time and we also have a Slack support where larger sellers have their own private Slack channel where not just our staff but the directors of DropHippo actively participate.

So, what happens when the proverbial crap hits the fan? This is where we are massively different to 99% of other Agents in that we will always be open and transparent with you even at the cost to ourselves. Take the recent COVID issues that were impacting delivery times, especially anything that went through LAX during the height of the Pandemic. We ended up refunding a lot of customers as there was no movement for packages but even though this did cost us several thousand dollars we know, and most importantly the Store Owners who we work with know, that finding a reliable and trustworthy Agent can be worth it’s weight in gold.

I know that this is a long post but I want to speak about 2 additional very important points that shouldn’t be forgotten about as this can kill your business. The first one is communication. We believe that it is one of the most important things to communicate with your customers (in our case Store Owners) as a long term partnership relies on clear and effective communication. An example of where we differ from most others is that we fully quality check every item that you sell to ensure that it is as described and most importantly, works as intended. We had one customer who reached out to us with over 2500 orders recently and asked us to source the product for them as their existing Agent let them down. As soon as we ordered a sample to our warehouse we quickly identified that the item didn’t meet our strict QC and what the Store Owner was selling was in fact a lot of trash. What did we do? We told him straight that the item would lead to massive chargebacks down the line and provided a video to him so that he could make the decision. In the end he refunded the orders which cost both him a lot of money on advertising and us with money in potential profit for an item that we refused to send. So yeah, it’s all fine having an Agent on the ground in China working for you but what is the point if their only concern is about getting as much money off of you as they can?

My final point is closely related to the Communications point I made above and that is Trust. How do you know that the Agent you are using doesn’t run their own stores or have an arrangement with someone else who does? At DropHippo we had 2 pretty successful Shopify stores but closed both and used the profits to create the ultimate Agent experience with DropHippo. The one thing that caused us to re-evaluate and launch DropHippo was when we were scaling a product and the Agent we used started to come up with all sorts of excuses due to a quality control issue, well lack of any quality control really. That is when both Stefan and myself realised that there was a gap in the market for a trustworthy sourcing and fulfilment Agent and this is when DropHippo was born.

Thanks for reading, I know that it isn’t a short post but why gamble your future and your business on an unreliable Agent? Any questions please post below in the comments and we will do our best to answer 🙂

Product Research

What do successful stores have in common?

We have been looking back at the last 20 months that DropHippo has been running and noticed that we have shipped over 100,000 orders, over 8 figures in stores revenue and hundreds of customers. We are very proud of these numbers as we know it is still only the beginning of the DropHippo journey and, as we come into the 2nd half of 2020, we are confident we will continue to grow each month and help more stores scale in confidence with us.

As you all know, we have all been in lockdown these last few months so, with the permission of our customers, we took the opportunity to have a deeper look at some of our biggest customers stores and we noticed right away that a high percent of them actually run in a very similar way. All stores that we looked at have done over $100k in revenue with us so we know that they understand Ecommerce and are running a very tight ship.

Unique Design

One of the 1st things we can across was that most stores did not look like the majority of “normal” Dropshipping stores you see on FB or beyond every day. With these very well designed stores they are able to stand out from the crowd and ensure they don’t just look like the last 100 online stores most customers have seen on a daily basis. This ensures not only that they are unique but also look like brand so they can easily take to the next level.

Product Pages

SALES COPY, SALES COPY, SALES COPY. This is one of the main features that sets these stores apart from others. With a well written and carefully thought out sales copy they ensure when a customer lands on their sales page that they are able to not only get all information need for them to make a decision on buying the product there and then but they also highlight exactly how the product can enhance there life or solve an issue they never knew they had. We have to say that some of the sales copy we have seen on these stores even impressed us and we cannot stress enough how important it is to have great sales copy on your store and not just for the product you are driving ads to. Put yourself in the shoes of a customer – would you buy from a website that does not have compelling sales copy?

High Quality Product Images

Ensuring you show the product in the best light having well made pictures and videos are a must. Most we know buy the product themselves and will then have videos and pictures taken of them by a professional videographer or photographer. Having the product in your own hands also lets you see the quality and be able to write better copy about it. If they don’t buy it, they do request some more images from us which, if we have, we are more than happy to provide but nothing beats having the product in your own hands.

Split Testing

A/B split testing is a must. We all say we do but most never do it and that is testing many different angles for your sales page. This can be as simple as changing the sales copy or using a collection of different images. By doing this you ensure you are getting the maximum out of your sales page as well as freshening up your ads. By also aligning your ads to what is on your sales page this will give the buyer a better journey through your sales funnel.

Know Your Numbers

One of the most important parts of running a business is knowing your numbers. Knowing what your breakeven point is is essential when running paid ads to your store. By knowing your numbers, you can run more effective paid advertising campaigns ensuring you get the most out of your adsepnd. When you don’t know your numbers, you can easily end up running at a loss very quickly which I have seen many times in my time in this business. There are a few different apps you can use to do this but nothing beats good old spreadsheet to do this. Keeping a good profit and loss sheet and updating it daily will also stand you well if you come to sell your store in the future.

Customer Service

We all don’t like this task but it is one of the most important parts of running an online business and that is customer service. This is a key part of any business but it is especially important in this sector due to being online and it being to easy for customers to be able to leave negative reviews. Ensure your customer support team are well trained and have clear guides or processes to follow for different customer enquiries. Also make sure someone is following up to any disputes you receive to ensure you keep your Payment processors in good standing. By making videos and PDF or word docs for your staff will help them be more confident when replying to customers.

Always Testing

TEST, TEST, TEST. In this business it is definitely a numbers game. The more you test the more chance you have of hitting winners consistently. By always ensuring you have new launches lined up weekly it will ensure you are able to find successful products. When you find a winning product the last thing you want to do is stop testing and only be running ads for that one product. Keep testing to ensure when one campaign slows down you have another one or two to take its place.

Solid Supply Chain

The reason these stores can scale to massive numbers is they have a solid supply chain in place. This is why they use DropHippo. With us they are able to relax and concentrate on other parts of the business and let us run the sourcing and logistics for all their stores ensuring that they have a transparent and trusting supplier.

Yes there are many other factors to take into account for a successful 6-7 figure online store but we found that after looking at many of our customers stores the above steps are common on all stores.


Shipping updates and more…

Hey everyone, I hope you and your families are safe, healthy and well after what was a difficult set of circumstances for everyone due to the Covid Pandemic. The last 3 months have been a test for us all. From health, family, business and now adjusting to a new “normal” until the virus has been eradicated. We have some great news about the shipping and features of the app to share with you all. We are now seeing a big difference in delivery times in most countries, though some are still struggling to work through the backlog of orders (Canada and Australia Customs were backlogged due to the sheer amount of orders and less staff) we are seeing things get back to normal now thankfully. Below I have listed a select few countries we are seeing a huge difference in delivery times.

As we move into the second half of 2020 we have hopefully seen the worst of the Covid Pandemic and we are doing some big upgrades to our application. We are adding what we think is essential to be able to make your life easier but we have also taken action and made some changes due to your valued feedback from our recent surveys. The main difference in the app that you will see in the next couple of weeks will be the removal of having to accept manual orders as our app will automatically pull and sync orders that you would like us to fulfill. Now you can pay in the app for orders that you have made so no more exporting order sheets! This will save a massive amount of time, both for us and your staff, and will ensure that tracking is automatically updated and orders fulfilled in your store. We are also proud to announce that we are Payoneer VIP partners and can accept payments to our Payoneer account if that suits you better. If you would like to know more about this please reply to this email and we will tell you more.

Stay Safe everyone. ⁠

Kevin & Stefan⁠