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5 Facts About Dropshipping to help your business

Every day you logon to Facebook or Instagram you will see sponsored posts by so called gurus saying “hey check out these latest new tricks I found in Facebook ads“.

Dropshipping is not dead nor will it be anytime in the future. Sure, new features are released like CBO – all you need to do is adapt your advertising methods but that is what separates winners and losers. Adapting to the game (and that’s what this is) is key,  look at Dropshipping as a game as you need to always be looking for that next opportunity or new release that’s coming out to jump on it right away.

So let me just lay down some things about Dropshipping I feel will help you stay on top of the game.

MOM I found this awesome thing called dropshipping I am going to be so rich.

All these gurus will have you fooled into thinking that dropshipping is a get rich quick scheme where you just set up a store and add a few products then run some small $5 FB ads and BOOM – sales will come in and before you know it you are the next guru.


Dropshipping can make you rich but it certainly won’t do it overnight or by following some BS guru who makes more money from their courses than their stores. You need to look for the right people to connect to, watch as many YouTube videos as possible and not jump in thinking you know everything. Crawl before you walk.

I can’t sell if this is saturated or if everyone is selling it.

One of the biggest myths in Dropshipping is that products get saturated very fast if someone or many people are scaling it. This is certainly not true. Think on how many people are on FB or Instagram or Google shopping for a minute. There are billions of people to market your products to – it is how you market it and the angle you do. Lets take for instance the Blackhead Cleaner that became our first ever 7 figure product from a Drophippo customer. It has been running for 2 years and sold all over the world then 2 novice dropshippers came in and done over 7 figures with it in a matter of months. Why? Well they done it right, built a superb store aimed it in a way other Dropshippers didn’t. You must always research – this isn’t a game to throw shit at a wall and hope something sticks like it was in 2014-2016! They researched what competitors were doing before launching. You can read more on what they done here.

I am ready I built my store lets go go go!

I am a great believer in just getting the store up and running with it, but not just the bare minimum basics with no work done to it. You need to work on what will help. Product page, nice looking add to cart button also add the buy now button it helps, trust badges also help but not badges that are just insane with loads of nonsense. I will share in the group 1000s of trust badges to use.

Look at the main page as well – make sure it has a nice layout. I personally am not a fan of the slider as I felt it takes away from the products but it is a personal choice. Using a free theme will work fine with some tweaks. There’s no need when starting to go buy a theme or pay someone to build one for you. Shopify is made to help new starts get a store up and running in less than a day.

Facebook ads are not working anymore I’m done with this.

Ok, lets be honest here, everyone will have all said this more than once. Especially when your ad account gets banned or ads disapproved but it is still the main place to get sales online for impulse buying. Like I mentioned earlier in this blog, research your niche – their likes dislikes and what others are selling to them. This will help put you on a better footing when running ads. Again, use YouTube to watch videos on ads. Not just by one person as then you just could be getting shit info and at the end upsold a course. Personally, I watch Yousef Khalidi, The beast of Ecom and Justin Cener. You can’t go wrong.

So research research research.

Google shopping should I test this or is it just hearsay?

Google shopping is coming up the ranks in making sales for Dropshippers. I won’t go to much into it but if you want to learn jump on the YouTube channel of Nik Armenis as Nick is a beast when comes to Google shopping and if he doesn’t know it isn’t worth knowing. Always you must have more than one way to make sakes – don’t just sit and rely on Google shopping.

Product Research

Whats trending this week on Drophippo

So we all know you love to get updates on what is trending . So in this post I am going to give you the best trending products we have on the app.

First and foremost upfront is the Remote Control Wall Climbing Car. This thing is on fire and we have plenty of stock available for this. Just search app for the RC wall climbing car and get selling.

Next up on the list in second place are our music boxes. Now we only made these available last week and already people smashing them out left right and center. Again just search music box in app. We have one to suit everyone from mums to grandmothers.

Next in 3rd we have our awesome heated gloves that sell really well this time of year. Just so you know we ship these from USA for USA orders.

This is coming up fast as going to be the new front runner with how we are seeing its sales pick up 2 in 1 Smart Gesture Transforming Car. These are amazing kids gifts for Christmas

This little beauty is doing well at the moment our Pocket watch for father to give to there sons. What a great gesture for Christmas morning.

That’s all for today everyone hope it helps you find that item to smash it out in Q4

Team DropHippo out.

Product Research

How to do product research in Q4

 YO it’s DropHippo here with another golden nugget for you about product research.

During Q4 we know that it can be a difficult time to find products to sell and we hope that this video helps you find your next winner. Don’t forget that Q4 is gifting season so don’t be afraid to look for gift ideas too!

Apologies for long video but it is worth it. Oh and make sure you switch on subtitles.