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How To Drop Disputes By 80%

Disputes might have disastrous impacts on your business in general, and particularly on your Paypal account. Here are some tips you can use to reduce them as much as possible:

  • Have a GREAT support team: In fact, people get easily furious when their requests are not answered.

  • Have clear terms of service and refund policy to help your support team make the right choices when they receive customers’ claims.


Now if your support team is not doing the job the way it needs to be done, here’s a better alternative:

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Click on Selling tools

Step 3: Click on customer service message. This is where you can set a message your customers will see when they are on the dispute page. It is the last chance you have to reset trust and make them feel your business is legit before they file the dispute.

Step 4: Create an email address where you only receive dispute emails and prioritize their treatment. You can go for something like [email protected] and don’t forget to use alerts.


Find below an example of what your message should be like:

Title: Filling a dispute? Please hold on a second!

Message: “We are very sorry you have reached this point. If you are not satisfied, then neither are we. We sincerely apologize if you have not received any answer from our support team or if their answer did not meet your expectations. Please reach out at [email protected] and tell us what your claim is about. This is a very high priority email we dedicated to cases like yours so that your claims are resolved in the best and quickest possible manner. Please remember that you are more likely to be refunded if you inform us about the issues you encountered.”


The text above is indicative and you might need to adapt it to your business.


Now you can enjoy a healthier Paypal account and, hence, a healthier business. You’ll be surprised with the number of emails you’ll receive.