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How to Write a Perfect Product Description for your Dropshipping Store

Product descriptions. What are they? Product descriptions are one of the most important elements of a product page. However, most online store owners do not put the effort into writing product descriptions. We get it. It’s time-consuming and tiring to write product descriptions particularly if you have thousands of products.

This is why the majority of store owners skipped this part. What are they doing is just copying the description provided by the supplier. If you aim for higher conversions and sales, you should not copy and paste from your supplier or Aliexpress. A lot of dropshippers do that, expecting they will get rich the next day. The result? Low traffic and little to no sales.

Things to Consider when Writing a Product Description

1. Define your Target Buyers

Your buyer persona dictates your writing tone. What is your niche and who are your ideal buyers? If you are selling to professional people, it is better to have an authoritative writing voice. If your audience is teens and average people, you can consider writing informal and adding a bit of humor to spark interest and attention. 

2. Be Informative

Don’t make potential buyers crave more info. Consumers need to know important information about the product they want to purchase. If you are not providing that, you are leaving them with tons of unanswered questions in mind. 

Include all the specifications and features of the product you are selling. There is nothing wrong with writing a detailed product description. What are the dimensions and measurements of the products? What problems does it fix? What are the benefits that it provides to the buyers? Make sure you outline this information in your product description. 

3. Make it Easy to Read

Choose a writing format that is scannable. Divide paragraphs into small chunks for easier readability. Instead of writing long paragraphs, you can use bullet points when explaining product features and benefits. Make proper use of sentence breaks and spacing. 

When possible, keep your product description format consistent. Avoid long sentences and always check grammar and spelling. Run some advertisement tests and see how your product description performs. You can always tweak and change it based on the conversion rates.

4. Remember SEO

Take note that when writing product descriptions, you are writing both for the customers and search engines. Optimize your product page and include target keywords that your customers are searching for. 

This will help your products increase online visibility and appear high on search results pages. By understanding Google’s algorithm and optimizing both content and product images, there’s a huge potential that you will get high traffic to your dropshipping store. 

5. Use Social Proof

If you have social proof or a product review to share, be proud to include it on your product page. 89% of consumers worldwide are reading product reviews before making a product purchase. By sharing social proof, you are building more trust and credibility with your store visitors. This also leads to an increase in sales and customer base. With thousands of competitors today, having customer reviews on your product page can make you stand out against the competition.